Adding Suffixes

A suffix is a syllable or two that can be added to the stem of a word to create another word related in meaning. Suffixes usually produce nouns or adjectives. Of course, the nouns they form have their own genitive and gender, and the adjectives have masculine, feminine, and neuter forms.

Here is a list of the most common suffixes:

Table 12-9 Latin Suffixes

The following suffixes can be added to the stem of the fourth principal part of a verb:

A person who does an action:

or, –ī ris, m. or –trī x, –trī cis, f. narrā tor, narrā ris, m. (a male storyteller); narrā trī x, narrā trī cis, f. (a female storyteller)

The act or result of an action:

, – nis, f. actiī , actiī nis, f. (action, the act or result of doing); visiī , visiī nis, f. (vision, the act or result of seeing)

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