Constructing an Indirect Question

Indirect statement can be challenging because its construction is very different from that of English. The construction of indirect question in Latin, on the other hand, is virtually identical to that in English. The only real, notable difference is that Latin uses a subjunctive.

Direct question: Where is Caesar's army?

Indirect question: I wonder where Caesar's army is.

Direct question: Ubi est exercitus Casaeris?

Indirect question: ror ubi exercitus Caesaris sit.

As you can see, the Latin construction parallels the English beautifully. The only exception is in the mood of the verb in the clause expressing the indirect question.

You can usually expect some type of indirect discourse if the main verb of a sentence pertains to saying, thinking, knowing, or perceiving. Use those types of verbs as signposts. With an accusative, you can expect an infinitive (indirect statement). With a question word, you can expect a subjunctive (indirect question).

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