Intensify Desire and Intention Through Symbolism

In Jungian psychology, symbolism has always served as an important and powerful tool, especially in the healing process. Patients are often encouraged to focus on symbols that embody special meaning for them. These symbols may appear in patients' dreams or in their mindless scribbles and doodles. Those symbols deemed most potent may become departure points or pathways inward into the psyche. Use a specific symbol that holds cultural or spiritual meaning for you.

Use the symbol throughout the day and also at bedtime as a reminder to meditate or visualize having the thing you most desire. Place the image on a refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside table where it can be easily seen.

Use a Symbol to Represent Transcendental Consciousness

Symbols have the power to alter consciousness. For example, perhaps you desire to use a symbol to represent a metaphysical truth or a transcendent state of mind. Consider the Hindu symbol for Om as a point of reflection. It is believed to be the sound of the cosmic vibration of the universe. The yin/yang symbol that represents the opposite principles of masculine and feminine in Chinese philosophy means harmony, balance, and universal fellowship. A dragon or bear image suggests strength and fortitude.

There are literally thousands of symbols, from ancient to modern. Some may have obscure meanings while others are universally understood. While certain symbols may be associated with myths and cultural traditions, others hold special meaning only for certain groups. The following list contains a few common symbols with their popular meanings:

  • Bat: darkness, the unknown

  • Blue: sanctity, peace, water

  • Coin: money, wealth, offering

  • Diamond: strength, endurance

  • Dove: the Holy Spirit, peace

  • Full moon: wholeness, completion

  • Grove of trees/forest: the unconscious mind, chaos

  • Heart: compassion, love

  • Lingam: fertility, regeneration

  • Ouroboros (snake swallowing its tail): complete cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in an endless round

  • Pearl: secret knowledge, hidden truth, wisdom

  • Rainbow: a bridge between heaven and earth

  • Red: life force, anger, war, Christ's passion

  • Snake: deception, sexuality

  • Sun: success

  • Three: the Holy Trinity; birth, life, and death; past, present, and future

  • Two: balance

  • Valley: feminine symbol; also death and the unknown

  • Violet: sorrow, mysticism

  • Volcano/tower: destructive energy

Some symbols have represented a specific meaning for centuries. Symbols such as a wheel, rose, key, cross, and lotus still represent a mystical entry into transcendental states of consciousness and hidden knowledge or wisdom. However, such symbols may also have other meanings associated with them, depending upon the culture in which they are found. For example, the cross, a sacred symbol for Christians, is also the symbol of earth to the Chinese.

Find a Potent Symbol with Personal Meaning

Perhaps there is some object that has deep personal meaning for you that you wanted long ago and still do not have. Perhaps there is a certain symbol that always reminds you of that object. If, one day, you find yourself cutting out a magazine picture of a red Porsche convertible, just know your subconscious still wants that car. Go for it. The magazine picture will be a good reminder for you to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest it.

The same is true if you have a recurring dream about, say, searching for a key while climbing to the top of a mountain. Such a dream might be pointing to a search for the wisdom key and higher states of consciousness as represented by the mountain. It could also mean the challenges you have faced to reach the top.

You may find a powerful symbol in your dreams to use as a touchstone for your work of consciously manifesting. Working with your dreams can be fun, intriguing, and instructive. To discover meanings of symbols that may be appearing in your dreams and also in your conscious waking thoughts, check out David Fontana's book The Secret Language of Symbols, Barbara Walker's Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, or any of the numerous Internet sites devoted to symbolism, including

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