Conscious and Unconscious Manifesting

Like attracts like. That sums up how the Law of Attraction works. It is not possible for the law to be biased. If you are a happy, upbeat person with a smile for everyone, expect to find friends and good experiences wherever you go. Your thoughts bring those experiences into your life. On the other hand, if you have a negative attitude, a sour expression, and complaints about everything (including each ache and pain in your body), do not be surprised if people avoid you and disease, disaster, and disappointment seem to lurk around every corner.

Expecting the Worst

From time to time, you may have had a gut feeling about something you wanted to manifest but you reasoned or rationalized yourself into not having it. Ignore your inner guidance and you risk putting yourself in peril. You may discover the hard way that you didn't really want what you thought you wanted. For example, a young man from Omaha who had very little money and badly needed a car bought one against his better judgment. At a used car lot, he spotted a hot-looking muscle car. Intuitively, the man knew the car would need a high level of maintenance and buying it didn't make much sense when he simply needed a good commuter car, but he discounted his gut feeling and bought it anyway.

The salesman told him that since the car was a high-performance car, the man should be especially attentive whenever he was driving. He admonished the young man to listen for any strange sounds coming from the car that could signal that something might be wrong with it. The young man listened intently to the purr of the engine, the slap of the wipers, the sound of the heater, the whine of the gears. Mentally and emotionally convinced that an engine problem was going to appear, he listened expectantly for a problem whenever he drove the car.

Norman Vincent Peale counseled in The Power of Positive Thinking that the obstacles in a person's life couldn't be removed if she believed they couldn't. It's only when an individual clears her mind and redirects her thoughts onto a positive course that her life issues and obstacles can finally be resolved and removed. To not correct one's thoughts is to invite negative life circumstances and disappointment.

Shortly after the young man had purchased the car, he heard a knocking. He discovered the problem — a damaged hose that he easily replaced. Soon, he detected a squeaking and replaced the brake shoes. Not long after that, he heard a grinding noise and worried that there was trouble in the transmission. Repair costs began to mount.

The young man complained about the car to everyone. He warned family and friends that he had been suckered into buying that car and that they should be careful not to do as he had. He remembered that the car salesman had been a smooth talker and had convinced him the car was a great deal. The young man blamed forces beyond his control, but he never considered that his own thoughts might be the culprit … or that he was giving more energy to negative thinking by constantly talking about the problem.

No Corrective Action Taken

Was the young man simply a victim of bad luck? Maybe. But a more likely explanation is that the ever-working Law of Attraction was simply responding to the man's concern that something was going to go wrong with his car. Obsessively listening for a problem energized his concern, and the negative result he most feared finally manifested.

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