Necessity for Eliminating Clutter

Clutter suppresses and even obstructs energy flow. Stagnant or blocked energy or chi makes your life difficult. Sapped of energy, your health suffers. Stagnant energy also blocks the flow of money. It impedes the manifestation of healthy relationships. It obstructs advancement in your chosen career path. It can bring on depression and negative patterns of thought.

Organize a particular room or area of your home or office. Once that area is completed, tackle the next room and the next until the whole house is re-energized. Baskets (symbolizing the reeds and grasses of nature) with lids are great for organizing objects in a room that were carried in and forgotten. Left to pile up, they begin to slow down or block the natural flow of energizing chi.

In Feng Shui Living, Sharon Stasney noted that accumulation and letting go is actually part of an ancient yin/yang cycle. The yin part of the cycle is the accumulation of items while the yang portion is the letting go of those things. In the Law of Attraction, this is akin to making space in your life for something to manifest.

Your health and well-being section of the bagua is the point at which the horizontal and vertical axes of the entire map meet. It is the center. If you want vibrant health, give some attention to where that position of the bagua lies when the map is superimposed over a scale drawing of your house. If the bagua's center square is positioned over the center of your home, pay special attention to what that area of your house looks like.

Have piles of books been there so long that you had forgotten about them and don't even see them when you enter the room? Are there piles of books, dead or dying plants, or a couch, chair, or table with loose screws or broken legs? Since these things represent bad feng shui, there's a pretty good chance your health is being affected. Have you noticed feeling fatigued, drained, stressed, or unhappy? Such symptoms indicate an imbalance in the energy of your home.

To fix that room, remove any broken or damaged items. Take away or organize and store objects of clutter. Bring in fresh flowers, aesthetically pleasing pictures, and objects of art in the healing colors of nature. Add an accent in the colors green (earth) and gold (sun), two powerful elements of nature that are both necessary for a healthy life-giving energy.

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