Feng Shui Cures

Experts in feng shui capture bad energies in a room or house through the use of special consecrated mirrors. However, you can use mirrors as cures for problems like a bed or desk positioned in such a way as to prevent you from seeing someone enter the room. If the mirror reflects a cluttered portion of your living space, remove the items that make up the pile of junk. Alternatively, cover the mirror. Not covering it means you allow the mirror to double the effect of the negative things it reflects.

The dragon is an ancient Chinese symbol of good fortune. It means new beginnings, prosperity, and continued success. The dragon and tiger (symbol of courage and dignity) together represent the primordial yin and yang energy. Other symbols include the pearl (wisdom), clouds (associated with heaven and the gods), a pair of mandarin ducks (bliss, harmony), and Chinese coins with square-holed centers (wealth).

Using Crystals

Some cures include hanging a beautiful, multifaceted crystal on a piece of clear fishing line or red silk ribbon so that sunlight will hit it. Use this cure in a room where the energy has become weak. The result of the sun against the crystal will project a rainbow over the ceiling or walls of your space. Rainbows invigorate the energy of a space and make you feel happy. Quartz crystal energy can be amplified through your emotions, thoughts, and intent and can be particularly effective if you use it to help you work with the Law of Attraction.

Utilizing Affirmations

Just as you used affirmations in working with the Law of Attraction, you can also use affirmations in feng shui to release the past and embrace the future. It is not enough to clear the clutter from the various spaces in your house. Of paramount importance is clearing clutter from your mind and emotions. Release feelings of fear and replace them with feelings of safety and grounding. Whatever it is that makes you fearful and powerless must be discarded.

Visualize White Light or Beams of Sunlight

Light is cleansing, invigorating, and empowering. Whatever makes you feel empowered and strong must be embraced. You replenish chi when you clear out the mental clutter and negative chatter, let go of psychological dead weight, and open the way for new energy to come in. By visualizing brilliant white light or sunbeams bathing every room of your home, your life, and your family, your mental/emotional energy shifts. Experience that light as restorative and curative, its energy as love permeating everything in the cosmos.

Use a three-legged toad (wealth talisman) near your cash register as a reminder of your prosperity goal. A pair of mandarin ducks in your bedroom heralds a blissful marriage. Metal and gemstone jewelry fashioned into a meaningful symbol for you, the wearer, can symbolize your goal or a desire for good fortune. Use these with your affirmations, visualizations, action goals, and expressions of gratitude.

Dissipating Yin Energy with Red Color

If you live near a hospital or cemetery, you may be vulnerable to yin chi. One way to dissipate that energy associated with illness, dying, and death is to paint the wall facing the cemetery or hospital a bright red color (such as you might see on a Chinese lacquer box or festive holiday ribbon). Make certain to have plenty of lighting around your home. Use your newfound understanding of feng shui's life-affirming energies to create the life you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

Find ways to ground yourself using earth energy, renew yourself using the psychic current of water energy, invigorate your passions through fire energy, deal with hectic schedules and dozens of tasks using wood energy, and connect to the source of all that exists through metal energy. Find meaningful symbols to remind you of those things you intend to manifest. Work with the Law of Attraction with intent that is focused, balanced, magnetized, and energized through the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

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