Words You Must Never Use: Debt and Bill

Words like debt and bill are supercharged with negativity. If you try to formulate a positive affirmation such as “I am happy that I'm getting out of debt,” the subconscious will key in on the word debt and bring you more. Ditto for the word bill. It is far better to write out an affirmation that excludes those two words. For example, “I am happy that my money increases every day and that I can now pay off my car.” Or, “I am overjoyed that my wealth is growing daily, and I can easily make my mortgage payment with plenty of money left over.”

If you spend even a little time reverting back to old patterns of thought about how little money you really have and how your financial obligations are so numerous that you may never get out of debt, you are sabotaging any positive efforts you may be making to attract money. Stay focused on what you want. Give your emotional and thought energy to that.

Money Is Not the End All, Be All

Beware of magnifying the importance of money so much that you begin to hoard it. Making money into your god will thwart your efforts to bring more of it to you. Remember that money must circulate. As it comes, express gratitude and share or tithe a percentage to your church, favorite cause, or someone in need.

Watch Those Mixed Mental Messages

The universe is rich beyond the human mind's ability to grasp just how abundant it is. It is counterproductive to flip back and forth between the extremes of being greedy or lacking money. Rather, cultivate a steady positive focus on joyful confidence that whatever you desire and intend to have is already on its way to you in this moment.

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