The Difference Between Abundance and Financial Wealth

Abundance means different things to different people. For some, abundance is having the good things in life that money can't buy and for others it is financial freedom. For someone who has survived a natural disaster, lived under a tyrannical dictator, or escaped a war zone, abundance means something different than it might mean to an individual trying to raise three kids alone and having to work two jobs to do it. For the former it is about freedom, safety, and family, and for the latter it is about having money to care for her children.

In his second inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt warned of the dangers of ruthless self-interest, dulled conscience, and irresponsibility, calling those symptoms of prosperity “portents of disaster.” He noted that the real test of a progressive society was not whether its people heaped abundance upon those who already had plenty but if it provided for those with too little.

Perhaps you are someone who believes abundance means having it all — plenty of wealth, good relationships, excellent health, and family. The reality is that you can have it all. Purposeful, focused, and magnetized thoughts and feelings bring whatever you desire.

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