Become a Money Magnet

Wealth magnet John D. Rockefeller used to say that God gave him his money. Born in 1839 on a New York farm, Rockefeller was the second of six children born to William A. and Eliza Rockefeller. John's life was informed by his work ethic, family training, religious beliefs, and financial habits. Hearing a minister once say “Get money; get it honestly, and give it wisely,” was a moment of epiphany for Rockefeller. Those words became the financial plan for his life.

After making his fortune as founder of the Standard Oil Company, he stepped down from the daily leadership of the company when he was fifty-seven. From that point on, he focused on giving away the bulk of his fortune in philanthropic efforts to do the most good for human welfare.

Everyone has a little adversity in life. Follow your passion, aligned with the Law of Attraction. Let your affirmations reflect your trust in a higher power. For example, try the following affirmation: “I am happy to be guided by the infinite wisdom that upholds all of creation in all my monetary affairs. As a child of the Divine, I am grateful for the blessings of grace through which money flows easily into my life. Just as I am receiving an abundance of money from sources both known and unknown, so do I give generously to others.”

Some of the world's wealthiest people faced adversity before becoming money magnets. Oprah Winfrey grew up in poverty on her grandmother's farm. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and designer Ralph Lauren were both college dropouts. Billionaire Bill Gates left Harvard before graduating to sell software. J. K. Rowling was on welfare when she wrote a little book about a kid named Harry Potter.

Make a Wealth Receptacle

Infuse this exercise with enthusiasm, happiness, and a sense of expectation, for completing it can help you focus on wealth and potential avenues (such as jobs or businesses) to generate it.

  • Find and decorate a tray, urn, hat box, coffee can, or some other receptacle in red and gold, colors that attract prosperity.

  • On a piece of paper, write out your declarations for wealth, making them clear and succinct and including the time frame during which you want your wealth to manifest.

  • Put the paper containing your wealth desires into a red envelope and drop it into the box.

  • Add other items that symbolize your wealth desires.

  • Place the box in the wealth sector of your home or office near a money tree plant and a small bubbling fountain or aquarium. Finally, place a small lamp or other light source with a red bulb in that sector.

In every culture, when people want to manifest something in their life expression, they often surround themselves with images of the things they desire to manifest. Symbolically, the items you place in highly visible areas stimulate your mind to turn toward thoughts of prosperity.

In your wealth tray or container, you could add a miniature statue of the Money Buddha or Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Other possibilities include the tarot deck's Ace of Pentacles since it represents wealth, money, luck, and the successful beginning of a new business or enterprise. You might add old Chinese feng shui coins — obtain them from a wealthy place, not one going out of business — or dollar bills in multiples of the number eight. Eight is such a lucky number for wealth that in China, businessmen strive to get that number in their addresses and phone numbers. It is believed to double their incomes.

You could also drop in a piece of jade, a semiprecious stone believed to attract good luck and fortune. If you think there may be obstacles in your path to wealth, install a small statue of the Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. Hang a gold-colored wind chime from which are strung metal cylinders and Chinese coins. The movement of the chiming elements suggests the attraction and circulation of money. Light a red candle.

Watch for Signs

If you are endeavoring to attract prosperity, you should avoid spending money you don't have. Don't expect that you'll go to sleep at night and find your wallet will be miraculously full of currency when you awake in the morning. Do watch for the means of prosperity to suddenly start showing up in your life as job offers or business connections, alliances, and new opportunities. At first, they may seem like coincidences or synchronicity at work.

Do allow for money to flow in, even if you don't expect it or never considered it coming from a particular source. Do pay attention. Record the proof of the Law of Attraction at work by noting in your journal, diary, or scheduling book whenever you find a penny, get a gift certificate you didn't expect, receive a free coffee at Starbucks, notice a forgotten five dollar bill in the pocket of a jacket you picked up at a yard sale, or see some other sign that the law is at work in your life.

Avail yourself of the opportunities that feel right to you. Just imagine if J. K. Rowling had not allowed the inspiration for the adolescent wizard Harry Potter to lead her? What if Ralph Lauren had not decided to take his tie designs and found his own company, Polo Fashions, in 1968? And what if Oprah had decided that she could never hold her own in the world of daytime television talk shows?

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