Various Names for the Law of Attraction

Various authors of articles and books on the Law of Attraction mention the fact that in the early part of the twentieth century, a dozen or so books were published about the subject. Such texts make note that the law in times past has been called by various names, including the law of affinity, the law of abundant return, mind over matter, the power of positive thinking, the law of harmonious vibration, and the law of attraction in the thought world (the last is also the title of a book written by William Walker Atkinson).

The Secret is perhaps the best-known name for the concept. Certainly, marketers of products to the modern consumer understand that the packaging of any product can contribute to its success or failure. Byrne's mindset of “I can achieve anything” was also a likely factor in the phenomenal success of her book about the law of attraction. Her personal story of going from deep despair to the pinnacle of success just by implementing the Law of Attraction in her life meshes with America's love for rags-to-riches stories. The premise that there exists an affinity and causal relationship between people's thoughts and what manifests in their lives is an easy concept for nearly everyone to grasp.

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