Cottage Industry

The groundswell of support for The Secret and other books like it has spawned a cottage industry of products and intellectual offerings about the Law of Attraction and spiritual laws for success, not only in the physical world but also in cyberspace. You can choose from a plethora of books to read and motivational recordings to listen to. There are seminars, lectures, and conferences to attend, with some sessions being held on cruise ships or at exotic travel destinations.

You can also order pamphlets, subscribe to newsletter mailing lists, listen to the soundtracks of radio and TV talk shows featuring experts on the law, purchase empowerment tapes, or read postings on blogs. For those who really need help in sifting their thought energy, there are personal life coaches, facilitators, and trainers more than willing to help — for a price, of course.

New Age Centers

People who share common New Age interests often form groups with other like-minded individuals. Internet sites listing such organizations sharing common interests in everything from astrology and metaphysical and esoteric topics to New Age healing practices, music, art, literature, the environment, and other topics are proliferating on the World Wide Web. You can find Usenet groups for virtually any subject in which you are interested and read or post information or participate in discussions with people the world over.

Self Help

If the Law of Attraction failed to bring individuals the empowerment they sought, people would most likely not continue to spend money on self-help workshops, books, tapes, CDs, conferences, and videos. Self-help giants like Anthony (Tony) Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil McGraw, and others have helped thousands of people with their optimism, motivational insights, and self-help advice.

Dating/Relationship Connection

Cyberspace dating sites and real-world matchmaking services are capitalizing on the principles of the Law of Attraction by facilitating the introduction of people who desire to attract potential dating partners or matches. From and to dozens of other Internet sites, online dating is hugely popular, drawing about 40 percent of single Americans.

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