Healthy Body Visualization Techniques

What messages do you play over and over in your mind about your body? As previously noted, what the mind constantly focuses on with feeling, the subconscious tends to believe as true. Do you see yourself as too thin, fat, disproportionate, flabby, old, wrinkled, weak, frail, wracked with pain, or ill? Such messages may or may not be true, but you can change your health and sense of well-being by changing your thoughts and raising your vibration.

Your thoughts are magnetized by feeling, so if you feel you are weak, you cannot attract strength; if you feel that you are flabby and fat, you cannot draw to you lean and thin; and if you feel that a cold is coming on, it probably will. Conversely, if you feel lithe, strong, and full of energy, you attract those qualities when you frequently give them your attention and feeling of appreciation.

Prayer for Vibrant Health

Oh, Holy One, I appreciate the gift of my body as the vessel that carries my consciousness through life. Now, as I move my awareness deeply inward, my mind's eye examines this body from the feet to the head. I perceive it as a living mass of cells, like vibrating particles of light, each performing its function exactly as it was created to do to keep this body vibrantly healthy and strong.

The rays of thy holy light manifest through the prism of my mind as healing colors of the rainbow. I hear the cosmic vibration — OM — and feel blissfully alive and sustained.

Focusing my attention on the heart space, I enter the temple of peace. Resting in your restorative and loving presence, I give thanks.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, told viewers of CNN's Larry King Live show in May 2002 that a person's own karma or actions bear the responsibility for their successes and happiness in life. Each individual has the potential for experiencing the ultimate reality of life, or pure intelligence, he explained, and it is from pure intelligence that creation emerges.

Holy men and women of various religious and cultural traditions saw the human body as little more than a vessel to carry humans through their incarnations. However, while some saints emphasized transcending the body and especially the senses (focusing instead on the work of the spirit), others viewed the body (and good health) as a divine blessing.

You can use Transcendental Meditation and many other types of wisdom practices to align with the Law of Attraction to create a better life or better health. The Maharishi counseled people to think better thoughts. And as Deepak Chopra, who once was a follower of the Maharishi, has pointed out, simply having better thoughts (or happy thoughts) can translate to having happy molecules and thus a better heart, healthier kidneys, more or less weight, and so forth.

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