Turn On the Switch for Love

An omnipresent spiritual force begins to draw into your life the love you desire at the moment you decide to open your heart and life to receive that special someone. You might run into that person while taking out the garbage … or on the subway … or at the bank. Look your best from the inside out. Love yourself enough to take good care of yourself. That, in short, is how you turn on the switch for love. Physical, mental, and spiritual health generates the light of your inner being. Let it shine forth.

Making Space in Your Life for Love

Three years after separating from Warren, Susanna's divorce became final. She bought a cake covered with strawberries along with a couple of bottles of champagne and invited her girlfriends over for a new beginnings party.

Susanna's father, a banker, had died when she was ten. When she began to date, she didn't choose guys her own age. She preferred powerful older men. When she met Warren, a San Francisco stockbroker seventeen years her senior, it was love at first sight for Susanna.

Susanna knew Warren loved the social scene and San Francisco night life, but she thought marriage would make him love staying home as much as she did. However, she soon discovered that Warren didn't want to change. He liked being a powerful man in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with money enough to indulge his many passions, including affairs.

Somewhere, oh, My Beloved One, the house is standing, Waiting for thee and me; for our first caresses. It may be a river-boat, or a wave-washed landing, The shade of a tree in the jungle's dim recesses, Some far-off mountain tent, ill-pitched and lonely. Or the naked vault of the purple heavens only. But the Place is waiting there; till the Hour we shall show it And our footsteps, following Fate, find it and know it. — Laurence Hope, Complete Love Lyrics, “Written in Cananore”

After gaining fifteen pounds and sinking into a deep depression, Susanna asked for a divorce and entered therapy to understand her issues about abandonment and low self-esteem. She began to practice yoga and meditation, exercised, and ate healthier foods. The excess weight dropped off. She felt more energetic and alert. Her desire to love again was fueled by self-knowledge, courage, and the conviction that she was worth it. She spent some time each day meditating, feeling the joy in life, and focusing on attracting a new love.

On the day of her party, Susanna raced up the steep steps to her apartment with all the refreshments. Tripping on the second step and crashing to her knees on top of the cake box, she cried out in anguish as the champagne fizzed out of the broken bottles and down the sidewalk. Then she felt two strong hands lifting her up. They belonged to Frank, a fourth-year medical student who lived in the Victorian next door. He offered to look at her bleeding knee and stayed for the party. The chemistry between them was palpable, but Susanna didn't accept Frank's marriage proposal until she was sure that he was truly Mr. Right.

Like Susanna, practice the art of loving another with understanding, patience, and insight. When you find someone new who might be the one, take care to love that person as you desire to be loved in return. Take time to listen. Compliment him and be truthful and sincere. Remember to say thank you. Draw more love to you by affirming your love, showing love, speaking of love, and writing love poems or letters to the one you love.

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