Tap the Source

The Source of all things is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To work with the Law of Attraction is to trust that we can go to that divine Source for anything we desire at any moment. Saints of different religions have said in different ways that we are children of the Divine or God. No parent would want her child to live in suffering and poverty. On the contrary, consider instead the possibility that we are to live in abundance, in good health, surrounded by love.

Replace Negative Self-Talk

What is keeping us from living the kind of life we only dream of having? Perhaps nothing more than our own negative self-talk. If we don't believe we deserve the good things in life, the Law of Attraction won't bestow good things upon us. If we believe that we can't do any better, and that we can't lift ourselves from under a mound of debt or free ourselves from destructive habits, then the Law of Attraction keeps us right where we are.

The twelve-step programs that are often key to the recovery of substance abusers advocate that people must take responsibility for their actions but that they can always find help by trusting in a higher power. Those who suffer addictions must learn to let go of negative self-talk, as it defeats the good they are trying to manifest in their lives. Self-talk is the perpetual driver of behavior. It tells half-truths and untruths. Replacing negative self-talk with the statement reworded into a positive affirmation can literally change a life.

Seek Joy

Joy, according to several dictionary definitions, is the emotion of happiness or delight. It is triggered by the expectation of something good or satisfying. Joy, it has been said, is at the core of our being. A peaceful joyful countenance reflects a corresponding inner life. Seek joy for yourself and others and give the gift of silent blessing to all — especially those experiencing lack in their lives — that they will experience joy and success in every aspect of their lives.

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