Pseudo Versus Scientific Law

Critics assert that the Law of Attraction is not a scientific law that can be observed, quantified, qualified, or otherwise measured or proven using the steps in the scientific method. In nature, some things have been observed to behave in a certain way with regularity over a long period of time and thus laws were formulated to describe those behaviors or actions.

There are many scientific laws. Einstein's special law of relativity, the law of conservation of energy, Newton's law of gravity, and the laws of thermodynamics are just a few examples.

Critics say that the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with the physics of attraction but rather represents a metaphysical philosophy. Others say it is little more than esoteric mumbo jumbo. Although Law of Attraction proponents say that the law works every time, people who have tried it with little or no result complain that it doesn't. When it doesn't, those people say that they are frequently informed that the fault lies not in the law itself but rather in how the law was applied. In other words, the fault lies with the person trying to manifest a result: the individual wasn't focused enough, didn't believe strongly enough, didn't take the proper action, or neglected making a space in her life for the result she sought.

While some critics shrilly denounce the Law of Attraction as being pure bunk, others temper their remarks with a reminder that positive thinking and instilling hope are good things. If believing in the Law of Attraction inspires one to have a better life, set some goals, and reach for treasured dreams, so much the better. French-born diarist Anaïs Nin once remarked that a life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. Sometimes it takes courage just to believe in something and allow for its unfolding in your life.

The mind/emotion connection that figures into the Law of Attraction has resonance in spells. Successfully casting a spell means the mind must be sharply focused and the emotions must be appropriate — no love emotion for a banishing spell, for example. All the necessary props or ingredients for the spell must be exact and the words spoken for the spell must be correct.

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