Help a Younger Generation

Young people today face many of the same challenges of growing up as those of previous generations but, in addition, must find ways to deal with media messages that glorify negative patterns of thinking and living. Gangsta rap and some hip-hop lyrics glorify gang life and romanticize infidelity, promiscuity, abuse, hatred, and drug use. America's prisons are full of young people who associated with the wrong peer group and ended up dead or behind prison walls.

Why not put together a proposal for a workshop on the Law of Attraction through an adult education program sponsored by your local park and recreation center? If you can't write a book, record your ideas in booklet form. Offer to sell it for $1.00 as part of your seminar or presentation. You will share the information and create a small income stream.

Who are the positive role models for today's youth? Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and other gals and guys in the film and music industries get a lot of media attention, but rarely for sterling behavior. More often, the tabloids and TV shows run stories of such individuals entering or leaving rehab, partying endlessly, or showing off a destructive lifestyle with an emphasis on sensual indulgence and disregard for the rule of law.

Teachers, youth counselors, parents, and peers could do more to help the younger generation relate to better role models, to celebrate their success as if it were their own, to promote their interests as if they were self-serving interests. It's a radical concept to teach young people, but if they can conceive that all of humanity is interconnected on some level and that one act of goodness affects everyone, perhaps they would be inspired to live noble lives.

In Irish folklore, a crock of gold sits at the point where the rainbow touches the earth. Other societies view the rainbow as a benevolent serpent whose energy flows in a half-circle between earth and heaven. In the Tantra of Hindus and Buddhists, the rainbow symbolizes the dissolving of the physical body into the spectrums of light in the highest realms.

Counseling Young Adults

Surely it could greatly benefit young people to learn about how they can create a positive and meaningful life for themselves. A self-centered, decadent lifestyle that leaves one burned out by the age of thirty does not benefit the individual, the family, the community, or society at large. Begin to reach out to young people, at first your own, to give them the tools to go after their dreams. Remind them that it is possible to change the world one person at a time and that making the world a better place for everyone, including future generations, is an admirable goal.

Many teens, as they push up against the boundaries of their world as part of their biological task to individuate away from the family, tune out adult guidance. But they listen to each other. One of the best ways to get across a message of hope is to let the teens spread it among themselves. Just imagine how such teaching might help someone scared and confused and ready to give up completely on her life.

Offer to participate in career day at your local high school. Use that venue to discuss how the Law of Attraction helped you find the right job, get promoted, start your own company, or further your career. Show genuine passion and enthusiasm for your work and your life to inspire your young audience. Use concrete examples from your life.

The Answers Are Out There

When Crystal and her husband Don walked hand-in-hand along the beach on Maui to celebrate the renewal of their vows after twenty years of marriage, Crystal never dreamed that one year later she would face widowhood and possible foreclosure on the house she and Don had shared. Lonely and scared, she struggled to pay the bills and keep her home, but her substitute teaching job was threatened by district-wide cuts. Crystal began to take in some freelance editing work for a couple of local companies. For five years, she kept juggling work and creating new income through odd jobs, but she finally realized she couldn't keep up with the high mortgage payments. She vowed to sell the house.

Crystal watered her yard and cried. She called Vera, a new friend she had met in a grief support group who talked about how you could change your life working with the universal laws, including the Law of Attraction. With Vera's support, Crystal released her fears. She sold the house and bought a condo. Soon there was money for things like dance lessons. During a ballroom dance class for the tango, she met a businessman who needed her editing skills for his start-up company, which dealt with Brazilian eco-tourism. Her new job involved occasional travel to remote places with her boss. Crystal discovered that she not only loved her new job but also the attentions of her new boss. Money was no longer an issue. She felt intensely alive and passionate about such meaningful work.

Creating High Quality Golden Years

Senior citizens represent a sector of the population who could use knowledge of the Law of Attraction. They are often vulnerable, sometimes suffering more than others from a lack of money, health care coverage, affordable medications, and sometimes even food and housing. Sharing techniques and strategies for intentionally working with the Law of Attraction might help members of the aging population create not only longer and healthier lives but a better quality of life. While they may not have the energy or the same dreams they had in their youth, some may still hope to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and likely would share it with others.

Through the sharing of your experience of intentionally working with the Law of Attraction, remember to include a discussion of the roles of faith and gratitude. Teaching others about the law so that they might have better lives, greater happiness, and a more prosperous future has resonance in the Buddhist idea of humanity's interconnectedness and the necessity of each person to have a sense of responsibility toward the welfare of others. In Buddhism, the highest ideal is the path of the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva finds the source of all fulfillment — that is, the Ultimate Truth — but he denies himself enlightenment in order to bring all other fellow beings to that same holy Source.

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