Attraction and Energy

A desire sets up an attraction. You have the power to intensify that attraction. A variety of ways to accomplish this have already been discussed, including the use of music, visualizations and other visual cues, declarations and incantations, spells, dream incubations, and affirmations.

If you find that your affirmations are not working for you, do a little introspection. Are you spending five minutes each day affirming and the other 23 hours and 55 minutes in negative self-talk or doubtful “reality” mode? Try flipping the equation.

If you want something badly enough, what do you do? You tell everyone you meet. Let's say it's a baby grand piano. You talk about it, think about, look at pictures of it, visit piano stores, run your fingers up and down the keyboards, dream of what it feels like to finally have one of your own, and go to sleep with the piano on your mind.

You listen to piano music, read the biographies of great pianists, and dream of playing your own baby grand at parties or recitals. You feel shivers of delight at the mere thought of owning such a beautiful piano. You may even jump up and down and exclaim, “My piano is here!” That's creating heat around your desire. You are going to pull that piano into your life.

A draftsman who worked for a company that was closing took an art class. Working with glass soon became his passion. He had a great idea for a project using a technique that involved glass fusion. He made a few small pieces using a friend's kiln. A local gallery offered to exclusively represent his work after he showed them small prototypes of a large piece he intended to create. First, however, he had to purchase a kiln, a computerized glass-cutting saw, and special materials — but he didn't have the money.

Affirming the belief that what you desire is coming to you is the best way to deflect doubt when it creeps in. Trust that what you want is on its way, and give thanks for that. Sidestep the details of how and when it's coming. Let the Source handle those. You focus on reinforcing desire and intention through all means available.

Anxiety about raising the money for the tools and materials soon replaced his excitement. Self-doubt began to erode his belief that he could actually do the big project. Still, he did not cave in. He wrote a short affirmation to say several times throughout the day. Upon awakening and at bedtime, he visualized his art project in the gallery where buyers were purchasing it.

He allowed himself to sink into the excitement of showing his work and the happiness upon learning that his work had sold. He thanked God often throughout the day for inspiring him with the project idea, for his friends who supported his art, and for all the blessings in his life that he could enumerate.

Within six months, the man's dream became reality. A builder saw his work and liked it so much that he hired the artist to use a variation of the project in the sales office of new homes that his company was building.

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