Eliminate Self-Limiting Thoughts

Don't doubt or second-guess or rationalize the answers you may receive when you work with the pendulum. Doing so impedes or blocks the energy from your higher self just as surely as clutter blocks the vital energy swirling through an environment.

Working with the Law of Attraction, you know that the self-limiting thoughts and the criticisms and self-doubt will limit your effectiveness. When you work with the pendulum, let go of doubt. Trust the truth of the information you receive.

One way to validate the information you receive through pendulum dowsing is to keep a journal of the questions you ask and the responses you get when you pendulum-dowse for answers to help you with decisions. Later on, you can read how many answers were correctly given. This will also inspire you to seek answers about your life that will keep you moving forward in a positive direction.

Use Pendulum Dowsing for Information about Your Life

You want to know if the man you have fallen madly in love with is “the one,” or whether or not to take that job in Denver, or if the time is right to launch your new business venture. You'll notice that the above are all yes or no questions that can be followed up by additional, in-depth questions. Try using dowsing to get the information you need for important decisions. Some examples include the following areas:

  • Health — to determine the underlying cause of the illness; assess whether or not to pursue a particular course of treatment or analyze whether the treatment is working

  • Love and relationships — to discover the truth about issues pertaining to specific aspects of your romantic liaisons and other relationships

  • Career — to aid in decision-making about career moves and helpful people versus problematic ones

  • Family — to discover ways to shift the family paradigm so that it serves everyone better; problem-solving for family issues

  • Prosperity — to make vital decisions about creating income streams, building wealth, growing a business, and getting answers to help you move toward financial freedom

  • And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? — that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? … Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. — Matthew 27:46–50

    You learned in Chapter 17 that in feng shui, the nine-square grid, or bagua, is used as a tool to determine which sector of your life correlates to a specific area of your home. In pendulum dowsing, there is also a role for the magical nine-square grid. Cassandra Eason refers to it as the Sacred Grid of Nine and explains how the downward movement of the pendulum can be used over that type of grid to help you discover answers about areas of your life. You could use the same squares as those of the feng shui bagua.

    The number nine has special relevance in many magic, esoteric, and spiritual traditions. In tarot, the ninth card of the Major Arcana is the Hermit. The image is an old man or woman who provides wisdom, guidance, training, and direction. These are beneficial when you are working with the Law of Attraction to manifest growth, happiness, and abundance as well as before undertaking new endeavors or to know when a karmic cycle is complete.

    Pay attention when the number nine shows up in your life. It can signify that you may need to take a retreat or enter a period of isolation for your growth and renewal. It might indicate that your work in a particular area or relationship is finished. In the Bible, the number nine represents Divine completion. Jesus completed his work on the cross in the ninth hour.

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