Manifest a Raise, Promotion, or Dream Job

The secret to working with the Law of Attraction to manifest the perfect job, raise, or promotion is to create a powerful, compelling mental video that excites you every time you play it forward in your mind. To get the raise you want, see yourself meeting with the person empowered to grant the raise. Think, act, and speak during the meeting as if the raise has already been approved. Feel the elation of knowing that your next paycheck will include that money. Imagine how you will use it.

Use the same process for manifesting a promotion. See yourself in your mental video receiving the news that your promotion has come through. See yourself at a company meeting where your promotion is announced. Now play the video forward to hear the high praises your boss shares about you and your work with others attending your celebration party. Feel all the positive emotions associated with being in your new elevated position.

For the mental video of your dream job, see yourself already in that job. Take a look at the business card you are holding with your name on it. Feel the pleasure of seeing your name and position. Hand your card to someone influential in the sphere of your chosen field of work. See yourself easily discussing your mission statement with that person. Talk, act, and conduct business with the conviction that you are already doing that work and are associating with industry leaders in that field of endeavor.

Use affirmations, visualizations, journal writing, and poster-making projects to intentionally reprogram your thoughts to accept that you have been given the raise. See this as your business plan for getting what you desire from your career.

Molly's Story

Molly was out of work when she spotted an opening in retail at a local department store. It would be the perfect job since she planned to pursue her studies in fashion merchandising in the spring. She told the store owner that she would love to work in the women's dress section. The owner, however, explained that he did not need help in that area. So Molly resigned herself to working in the stockroom, occasionally delivering some item to the floor. But while she worked in the basement, she dreamed she was up on the main floor, draping mannequins with the latest fashions, helping customers select dresses, and figuring out the best ways to merchandise the garments.

One day, Molly was summoned by Nadine, the store manager, to help set up a display in the store's main window facing a busy intersection. Nadine couldn't finish the holiday window because she was late for an appointment off-site with the store owner and some new vendors. She gave Molly all the display items and instructions. Molly enthusiastically went to work.

Her display dazzled holiday shoppers and the traffic into the store increased sharply. Sales went up. The store owner offered to let Molly do the future window displays and also transferred her out of the stockroom to the children's department. Molly knew she would do her best working with children's clothing, but she was already seeing herself working in the women's dress section.

It is possible to unconsciously make the Law of Attraction work for you. Everyone possesses the instincts and passion needed to harness the Law of Attraction, but making a concerted effort makes you more effective and focused in your journey.

Without realizing it, Molly was working with the Law of Attraction. Molly believed in her dream, persistently held onto it, did the best job she could do where she was placed, and remained optimistic that her dream job would open at some point. By all of her thoughts and actions, Molly made her own good fortune. She created success in small increments, first doing a good job in the stock room, then with the window display, and finally in the children's department.

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