Know When You Are On Track

Aristotle noted roughly 2,300 years ago that humans seek happiness more than anything else. When you feel happy and fulfilled, you know you are on track. Focusing on that happiness expands it. Conversely, when you feel dissatisfied and unhappy, you are off track. The following tips may help you get on the right track and stay there.

Aligned with the Law of Attraction, you will find actualizing a business dream to be easier than perhaps you believed possible. When you are on your path in life, doing work you feel passionate about, the law, like wind in the sail of a boat, pushes powerfully forward and causes impediments to float away. Here are some tips to try:

  • Take stock of what every aspect of your dream looks like. Journaling works wonders for fleshing out your ideas.

  • Believe in your dream, follow your passion, and don't let anyone talk you out of it.

  • Notice the obstacles, especially family, friends, and associates who are naysayers. Remove the obstacles and find a way to navigate around these people.

  • If you can't do the endeavor alone, surround yourself with the best people you can find, especially if they are smarter or have more experience than you.

  • Be prepared to make your own rules if you have to. Sometimes there are no other good options.

  • Establish a timeline and stick to it.

  • Celebrate the milestones. They will encourage your continued forward momentum.

  • Believe that you deserve the best. Enjoy getting it. When you are on track in your job, business, or career, you exude happiness. Joy fills every fiber of your being when you are engaged in doing what you love. Though you may do it repeatedly, you still look forward to that activity.

    Absorbed in doing work for its own the sake, you lose your sense of time while the creative force of the cosmos flows through you. The late Madeleine L'Engle, author of numerous books including Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art, explained that when you are in that flow state, the ego slips away and time becomes kairos (holy or God-given) rather than kronos (chronological).

    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, professor and former chairman of the University of Chicago's Department of Psychology, has been called the world's leading researcher in positive psychology. He noted that when you are in the flow, each of your thoughts, actions, and movements proceeds in continuity from the previous one; you are completely absorbed the way a musician loses himself playing jazz or a painter becomes merged with the process of painting. See for more information.

    If you are starting a new business or other kind of venture, the following ideas are offered to help you succeed:

  • Don't lose control of the balance in your life: family, work, play, spiritual activities.

  • Stay current with your knowledge of your particular industry.

  • Develop and stick to your financial plan; do accounting twice monthly so you don't lose control of the money in your start-up phase.

  • Predict expenses, income, and monthly cash flow.

  • Seek out a mentor or board of advisors.

  • Network with diverse industry groups to expose your company and products and learn better ways to market your idea/product from other professional people.

  • Maintain discipline.

  • Stay motivated.

  • Whatever type of work you are involved in, do it well. Earn as much money as you honorably can and, as you are able, give some to others. Strive for excellence and live by noble principles and values. Stay positive and optimistic and know the Law of Attraction is working with you. Remember the old adage that nothing succeeds like success.

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