Worksheet 5: Eight Visualization Exercises

Law of Attraction experts advocate using visualization when you are deliberately working with the law because your body responds to the feelings created by positive mental images and thoughts. Choose one of the following topics and focus on, fantasize, and visualize as though you had already achieved phenomenal success in that area.

As you visualize (no negative feelings or thoughts allowed), focus on how you feel as you place yourself in your chosen scenario. Allow any/all details to unfold in your mind's eye. It's a little like daydreaming your way to success. Write down any insights or ideas for goals, timelines, and specific action steps to ramp up for quicker attainment of your desire.

  • Financial prosperity/wealth

  • Romantic love or partner

  • Birth of a child or pet project

  • Robust health

  • Peaceful life or exciting life of travel and new experiences

  • Career advancement or establishing/running your own successful business

  • Meaningful and passionate work/journey in life

  • Spiritual advancement

Feel free to add your own special desire to the list. Reinforce your visualization work by doing one or more of the following:

  • Write a desire/intention declaration or vision statement.

  • Create a manifestation poster (using images, words, symbols, and statements clipped from magazines and glued to the poster) for what you want to create or manifest.

  • Record in your journal all the positive feelings you experience whenever you visualize your desire actualized in your life.

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