Worksheet 3: Six Steps to Clear Blockages

Do you have a fear of success? Are you going through the steps of deliberately manifesting and yet not seeing results? Perhaps you are subconsciously blocking the outcome you seek. Try these six steps to clear blockages:

  • Cultivate positive feelings. Imagine you have just received whatever it was that you hoped to manifest. Using that moment as a point of departure in a journal entry, write about how you feel at having that object, situation, or relationship now manifested in your life. Remember that the Law of Attraction responds to feelings around specific thoughts rather than the thoughts themselves.

  • Feel worthy. Redirect negative self-talk into positive statements. What are some of the reasons why other people (for example, your mother, father, spouse, lover, and children) love you? Make a list of all the lovable qualities and traits you have and why you are worthy to receive the gifts you seek from the universe. Love yourself and others the way you want to be loved and cultivate feelings of self-worth.

  • Make every day the best day of your life. If something goes wrong in your day, shift the energy of that moment as soon as possible. Don't go through an entire day with a negative attitude after breaking the handle off a china cup because you awoke late for an important early morning meeting. Listen to beautiful music, get physical and take a walk, lie down for a quick power nap, rejuvenate and refresh by doing some yoga or breath work, listen to a Law of Attraction CD, or offer a prayer of thanks to the Divine. You have phenomenal power in every moment of your life to change that moment, to shift the negative into neutral or positive energy, and to regain forward impetus.

  • Focus on what you want rather than what you don't have. Perhaps you can easily recount all the reasons why you don't own your own home, but you deeply desire to own a house. Make a list of all the positive reasons why you deserve it, and how living there will change your life and the lives of your spouse, children, and pets. As a point of departure for writing about your hopes and dreams and feelings of love and gratitude, imagine a celebratory meal with relatives, a holiday gathering, or a quiet peaceful moment in your own home. Take a mental snapshot of how you feel after that writing exercise. Remember those positive feelings every time you move into feelings of lack.

  • Fine-tune the direction and intention of your desires. Be decisive when working with the law. Remember that it is always at work to bring you the things you mentally focus on, both positive and negative. Think of your mind as a canoe floating along the river of life, buffeted and buoyed by forces of energy (wind and currents) that you can't see. For certain, that canoe is going somewhere, perhaps places you like or don't. Instead of going with the flow, remember that you have the power to navigate the direction you desire to go in through the paddles of your feelings and thoughts.

  • Create space in your life for what you desire to manifest. Consider that the new love of your life might not come in until your current relationship has ended. If there is a lot of negative emotional baggage associated with the relationship you are in, you have to clear out those patterns of thought and replace them with positive feelings of anticipatory excitement, hope, and expectation that your clear and determined focus is attracting to you the new love you desire and deserve.

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