One of the most common dream experiences involves transportation of some kind. In dreams, almost all modes of transportation are symbols for where you are trying to go in your waking life. The type of vehicle has more specific meanings. Whether or not you are in control of the vehicle indicates whether or not your feel in control in your daily life or the transition you are experiencing. You may find that transportation symbols surface in your dreams during times of change or when you are striving to accomplish a goal. When you are trying to create something new or are in the midst of a transition, transportation symbols show you the truth of the situation and reveal whether you are in control of your destiny. Here are some of the most common transportation symbols.


When you dream you are in a car, notice everything you can about the car. Is it going forward or in reverse? Is it a shiny new model or an old clunker? Are you the driver or a passenger? Are you in the front seat or the back? Are you traveling on a straight or winding road? Is the car going too slow or too fast? Is the car broken down or are you having trouble starting it? These questions will give you clues as to how you feel about your capability to get where you want to go in life. The car symbol can also tell you a lot about what you feel you deserve in life or how you see your station in life as compared to others'. If you are sitting in the back seat, perhaps you are depending on another person to get where you want to go in life (the ultimate back-seat driver). If you are a passenger, you don't feel you really are in charge of what is happening.

When Jim was laid off from his job during a corporate downsizing, he had recurring dreams of being a passenger in a car. He felt frustrated that he couldn't control where the car was going or how fast. The dreams were helping him express his frustration at the life change that had been forced upon him by decisions that were not his own. His sense of helplessness surfaced at night in his inability to control where the car of his dreams was taking him.

If you are driving the car, you may feel you have power in connection with the change taking place. However, even if you feel in control, the car may have fits, or stop, or circle back around. Perhaps it must climb a particularly steep hill. All these events indicate the level of difficulty you feel you must face to move forward in your life and get where you want to go. If the car is going backwards, you may feel you are slipping backwards in some area of life or work.


Dreaming you are on a bus is similar to a car dream, except that you are with other people on a vehicle that makes stops along the way. What is different about riding in a bus instead of a car is that a bus has a predetermined route and destination. When you dream you are on a bus, you know you will eventually reach your destination, even though you may be impatient with the stops and starts along the way and your inability to control the length of time it takes to reach your destination. Buses usually have fairly frequent schedules — you always can catch the next bus if you miss the one you wanted. The bus, in that way, speaks to the mundane, predictable nature of daily life.


Like a bus, a train in a dream means you are on this journey with others having a similar experience. Also, like a bus, you are collectively subject to a schedule and route that is predetermined by those in authority. You might dream you are on a train when you feel conflicted about decisions authorities are making that affect a group of people. Trains can also indicate that you feel you have a long way to go to reach your destination as trains often travel over longer distances than cars or buses. If you commute to work by train, you might reconcile events from your workday by dreaming you are on a train trying to get from one place to the other. Trains also contain wonderful connotations from childhood. If you dream of a toy train set, you may be revisiting childhood memories of adventure and travel. Your subconscious may be asking you to again embrace those childhood dreams and plans.

Bicycle, Unicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle

If you dream you are riding on a bicycle you believe you can accomplish what you want under your own power. Your own hard work will get you where you want to go. Notice the number of wheels on your cycle and whether or not you are comfortable riding it. Riding on a unicycle requires balance and skill. If you dream you are on a unicycle and fear falling, you may be experiencing similar emotions in your daily life. Perhaps you're engaged in a project or situation that requires a great deal of finesse and skill that you are not confident you possess. A tricycle indicates you feel you require support to get where you want to go, or perhaps you need additional training to be successful. A motorcycle is like a car in that you should notice the model, make, size, and any other pertinent details. Motorcycles are associated with rebels so you might feel the need to rebel against some part of your life that seems restrictive. A motorcycle can also symbolize the need for freedom. Do you feel burdened with responsibility in your daily life? At night your desire for independence and a carefree life emerges.


Like cars, boats in dreams can come in all sizes, shapes, and degrees of power. If you are rowing or sailing your own boat, you feel in control of a situation in your waking life. If you are a passenger on a ferry or other boat, you probably don't feel you can control what happens. The important thing about a boat as a symbol is that boats traverse water, and in dreams water relates to your emotional life. Anytime you dream you are on a boat you are trying to move through an emotional situation, either a current one or one from the past. If the boat is trying to break through ice, your feelings around the issues are old, frozen, and hard to access. If the boat is navigating through rough seas, you are experiencing emotional ups and downs about something in your life. If you are in a small boat and cannot get to shore, you are feeling out of control with regard to an emotional issue in your daily life.


The most important distinction about planes in dreams is that planes traverse the medium of air. This clue signifies that plane dreams represent your thoughts or even spiritual matters, because the air element is associated with the mind. If you dream you are flying a plane, you may be making a shift in how you think about your life. Perhaps you are gaining new perspective on a situation or experience. If you are a passenger on a plane, you are being guided, perhaps by divine energy, to change how you think about things, or to change beliefs that no longer support who you are. If you are in a plane experiencing turbulence, your dream suggests you are struggling in your waking life with changing thoughts and beliefs; you are not yet reconciled to a new point of view. If you dream the plane is going to crash, you are releasing fear in the dream state that you won't be safe or survive if you let go of your old way of seeing things.

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