1. Discover what you truly believe and feel about your life, and use that knowledge to heal and prosper.

2. Get solutions in dreams to seemingly unsolvable problems.

3. Become inspired in dreams to help yourself and others to live better and happier lives.

4. Reconnect with loved ones who have crossed over, and heal from grief and loss.

5. Experience a deep connection with the Divine in your dreams, bringing peace, harmony, and balance to your life.

6. Set intentions for your dreams to help your career blossom and succeed.

7. Master the power of your subconscious mind and reset your vibration to attract all that you want in life.

8. Dream your way to greater creativity and self-expression.

9. Heal emotional wounds and use your dreams to draw into your life the perfect romantic partner.

10. Learn your own symbolic dream language and experience greater intuitive wisdom about what is truly right for you.

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