Astral Dreams

Regardless of whether you remember them, you have astral dreams, or “travels” as they're sometimes called. When Marie was a small child she and her family often planned trips to theme parks. Marie became so excited and curious about each trip that she literally traveled there in her dreams the night before an outing. When the family arrived at their destination the next day Marie ran around telling everyone where everything was located — she even described the inside of the funhouse in great detail.

Astral travel is very common in the dream state. Your astral body, the energetic equivalent of your physical body sometimes referred to as the “dreambody,” detaches when you are asleep; its movement is unrestricted by time or space. Astral travel can be the cause of what we call déjà vu experiences.

You really have been there before — in your dreams. Other astral travel dreams may involve past lives and visitations.

Past-Life Dreams

In the dream world there are no limits of time, space, or even the distance you can travel. Many people revisit their past lives in dreams without knowing they've done it. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, dreams of past lives can feel startlingly real — and they may just be!

Mark dreamt a lot as a young child, remembering big sweeping dreams from as early as age three. He called his dreams “movies.” He told his parents he was watching a movie during the night and described the movie to them. His “movies” were true epics with large casts of characters, a storyline, and events placed in particular periods in history. When he grew up Mark began to study spirituality in earnest and came to believe that his experiences in the dream state during his early childhood were, in fact, dreams of his past lives.

As an adult you may still experience past-life dreams. Like your regular dreams, past-life dreams surface so you can integrate that past life and heal any residual emotional issues from that life experience.

Spiritual Visitation Dreams

A visit from a deceased loved one, spirit guide, animal totem, or angelic messenger is another type of astral dream experience. When someone you love dies, the desire to reconnect is strong. Often that desire is met when you are asleep.

Just before waking one morning, Cathy had a dream about her long-deceased mother. In the dream her mother was young and vibrant. A feeling of joy and tremendous love enveloped Cathy in the dream state. It took Cathy more than one hour after she awoke to even remember her mother was deceased, so strong was the visit and the emotional connection. Not only did the dream give great comfort to Cathy, but she got to experience a part of her mother that she had never known in real life. Cathy often feels her mother's energy around her now in that same joyful, loving way she shared during her dream visit.

The hallmark of a spiritual visitation dream is the uniformly loving energy it contains. Your loved ones in spirit reach out to connect with you to offer love, forgiveness, reassurance, and comfort. If a deceased loved one in your dream is angry or upset, it is probably not a spiritual visitation. Rather your deceased loved one most likely represents a part of you that is experiencing the disturbing emotion during your waking state.

An emotional release can occur when you have an astral visit from someone you love who has died. Out of fear, grief, or shock, you may push him away in your dream, even though he's trying to tell you he's okay. Spirits are generally happy beings. Dreamers are the ones who are afraid.

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