Tenant's Checklist (Move-In Form)


The purpose of this form is to catalog all furniture, furnishings, fixtures, appliances, and personal property upon/in the leased premises that Tenant is responsible for returning in as clean and good condition as on the day of commencement of the Lease, normal wear and tear excepted. In addition, the condition of the premises should be noted when appropriate, including newness and/or condition of carpet, paint, etc.

Landlord should catalog the presence of, and check and note the condition/working condition of each item in the leased premises. Tenant shall then review and check all listed items immediately after Tenant moves in, indicating agreement or disagreement with Landlord's assessment, and adding comments as necessary. Tenant shall then sign this document in acknowledgment of the terms hereof and of the presence and condition of the cataloged items, including the following:

Inadvertent exclusion of any item from this catalog does not relieve Tenant of the duty to use the item reasonably and return it in same condition as at inception of this lease, normal wear and tear excepted.

Tenant has reviewed this document and agrees that in consideration of the use and possession of the cataloged items during the term of this Lease, Tenant has checked all items and found them to be present and in the same condition as indicated by Landlord, or else has noted any discrepancy. Tenant further agrees to return said items at the expiration/termination of this lease as discussed above. Tenants, if more than one, agree that signature by one Tenant suffices for agreement by all Tenants.

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