Legal and Other Important Information

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Government website that has a Fair Housing Clearinghouse and information about foreclosures, home improvements, and other housing topics.

  • Environmental Protection Agency: Government link to information about environmental hazards. You can request copies of EPA brochures here.

  • FindLaw: Has links to forms for landlords, property law websites, and public and consumer resources, including information about asbestos, bankruptcy, credit and debt, personal injury, real estate, starting a business, taxes, and accounting.

  • Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG) PublicLegal: Offers legal forms compliant with state law, including leases and credit and collections forms.

  • American Landlord: Has landlording links to forms, tenant screening, and other resources.

  • Landlord Portal: Offers free rental listings by state, landlord legal guide, free software, credit and tenant screening, and landlord certification.

  • Mortgage Investments: Has free forms for landlords and estate calculators, downloads and spreadsheets, information about real estate and investing.

  • Offers a free newsletter, free rental form, EPA lead-based paint booklet, sample lease, and information about landlord-tenant laws.

  • NOLO: Features legal information online for landlords in every state. Includes a dictionary, Ask Auntie, legal encyclopedia, bookstore, form kits, software, and FAQs — a free e-mail newsletter.

  • Professional Publishing: Offers order forms or a loose-leaf sample book that has copies of forms, leases, and records useful to landlords.

  • Rental Housing On Line: Offers links to local housing associations, state and national information pages, landlord-tenant laws for each state, free forms, and links to information articles.

  • U.S. Legal Forms: Offers free forms to landlords.

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