Where Will Your Labrador Sleep?

To help your Lab feel like a member of the family, let him sleep indoors. By putting his crate in your bedroom at night, you'll be providing him with quality time, even though all of you are asleep. This is especially important if the dog is home alone during the day. Sleeping in the same room with his caregivers is a great way for him to bond with them.

Should your Lab sleep in the bed with you? Probably not. A puppy is small, and you run the risk of rolling over onto it during the night. A puppy may also wet the bed — not fun to clean up in the wee hours of the morning. Sleeping in the bed can also give big ideas to a Lab with a dominant personality. He might start to think that he's in charge, not you. For this reason, most trainers advise against letting a dog sleep in the bed.

A Lab who spends all his time indoors won't get enough exercise and will be grumpy and destructive. A Lab who's left outside all the time won't be able to bond with his family and learn how to behave nicely in the house. Your job, as a Lab caregiver, is to create a balance between the two that's happy for all involved.

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