Cleaning Ears and Eyes

Clean the ears only when you see an accumulation of wax, dirt, or debris. Cleaning ears too frequently is just as bad as cleaning them too little or not at all. Check them weekly to see if they need cleaning. Don't forget to sniff them to check for a bad odor that might indicate infection.

To clean the ears, moisten a cotton ball, cosmetic pad, or soft cloth with mineral oil or a cleanser recommended by your veterinarian. Gently clean the ears, starting in the deepest part and wiping outward. That way you don't push bacteria and dirt further into the ear canal where they could cause infection or itching. Don't dig any deeper than you can see inside.

Most dogs normally have a small amount of clear discharge in the corners of the eyes. Simply wipe it away with a damp tissue or soft cloth whenever you notice it. Check eyes for redness or other signs of irritation that might call for a veterinary visit. Do this daily.

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