Preventing Injuries

So what are the best exercises to keep the joints strong to prevent injuries before they occur? The following functional training exercises are some of the best exercises to keep joints flexible and strong at the same time.

Injury Preventions Steps

  • Exercising the feet and ankles: The feet are the foundation of your entire body, so it's important to have healthy, strong feet. Usually the arches will collapse because of weakness in the foot. With you shoes off, work on spreading your toes away from each other as much as possible. You can do this while watching TV. The toe spread can also be done while standing upright. It's a great exercise to strengthen you feet.

    To strengthen your ankles, practice rolling your ankles around slowly with full range of motion. Pay attention to all the muscles in the lower leg that have to contract and lengthen in order to make the ankle move with such control.

  • Healthy knees and hips: A great deal of the muscles that are part of the hip are also part of the knee. A Basic Squat can strengthen the hips and the knees. Once you are comfortable with a Basic Squat, work on full squats. This increases the range of motion in the hips and knees as well as increases strength through that range of motion.

    Lunges of all types are also a great way to increase strength through range of motion. Functional training exercises can also be done as part of an injury prevention plan for your hips and knees.

  • Protect the shoulders: The shoulder joint is a very fragile joint. It has the ability to perform very large movements in an infinite amount of directions. It is often thought as a ball and socket joint, but this is a misconception. What holds the shoulder joint in place is the rotator cuff complex. This small group of muscles has to be strengthened in all Krav Maga students in order to maintain a healthy shoulder. Anything that involves rotation with some kind of resistance against it will help to strengthen this muscle group.

  • Healthy back and spine: There are many exercises that promote a healthy back and spine. All of the exercises that are included in the core training chapter can strengthen the back and spine and keep it mobile. The spine rotates, flexes forward, extends back, and bends laterally. All of these movements need to be done to stay mobile and strong, so it is essential that core training be done to promote this. Exercises such as the Cobra, Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Cross Extensions, and Leg Lifts are beneficial movements that need to be continuously practiced.

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