Sheer Lashing

Also called Round Lashing, this method will bind two poles parallel to each other.

1 Anchor the rope to one of the poles with a Clove Hitch (see Chapter 7).

2 Wrap the rope around both poles with light and even tension, leaving enough space between them for the frapping turns. Continue making wraps until you cover a distance that's about twice the width of a single pole.

3 Make two frapping turns and finish with a Clove Hitch.

4 If the lashing is not too tight, the legs can be spread to use as “sheer” poles.

If the poles need to be spread to make an A-frame, make sure the tension is moderate. If they need to stay very rigid with each other, try using more than one Sheer Lashing. Three poles can be tied in similar fashion, with frapping turns between each pair of poles.

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