• Even though the Revolutionary War had ended long ago, Great Britain didn't give up control of Wisconsin until after the War of 1812.

  • What water runs along Wisconsin's western side? The Mississippi River. This powerful river has cut out its own channel over thousands and thousands of years. That's what makes all the bluffs and cliffs. The river once ran right along their tops.

Like Minnesota, this is a state for water fun. The glaciers left tons of lakes, including parts of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan that border Wisconsin. It's also a state of cows, cows, and more cows. Dairy farming leads to cheese production. That's why you can call Wisconsin people “cheese heads”!

In Lake Superior, Madeline Island is a half-hour ferryboat trip out. You can bike, hike, walk the beaches, and climb the dunes. Or, if you prefer the city, you can go to Milwaukee, home of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, famous for their American-made motorcycles. Milwaukee is also very well known for beer, including Pabst and Miller.

Wisconsin is the sixteenth largest state in population and has just under 5.3 million people. Milwaukee is by far the largest city and has just about 578,000 people. Madison, the capital and second largest city, has about 209,000 people.


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