• Oklahoma has rich deposits of oil and natural gas.

Like Western states, Oklahoma has neat pioneer sites and Native American sites. It also has mountains, dry grasslands, oil wells, and an unusual shape.

Near Aline is a Homesteader's sod house. There wasn't enough wood on the prairies for pioneer families to make roofs. Trees made the houses' framework, and sod (strips of grass and dirt) was plastered down with clay for roofs.

“Sequoyah's House” is near the town of Sallisaw. Here, a man named George Guess (also called Sequoyah) created the alphabet (with 86 letters!) for the Cherokee Indian language. They had never written anything down before.

Oklahoma has the twenty-eighth largest population, with about 3.4 million people. Oklahoma City, the capital and largest city, has about 472,000 people.


Where is the Oklahoma “Panhandle,” and why is it called that?

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