North Carolina

  • North Carolina was one of the thirteen original U.S. colonies, and was first settled by English settlers in 1653.

North Carolina has a lovely section of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and part of the Smoky Mountains, which is part of the Appalachians. It also has Kitty Hawk, and the Outer Banks with many islands.

The Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway is in the far western part of North Carolina. This line of very old mountains (now just really high hills) is blue when seen from a distance.

On the opposite side of the state is Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers flew the first airplane in the world. It was a simple glider with no walls to keep out the wind.

North Carolina is the tenth largest state in population and has just under 7.7 million people. Charlotte is by far the largest city, with a population of 505,000 people. Charlotte is almost twice the size of Raleigh, the second largest city and the capital.

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