Are you worried about upcoming tryouts? Nothing is more intimidating than lining up with a bunch of other kids who are getting ready to show off their soccer skills. Who plays which position? Have they been training? What secrets do they know about the game that you don't? Relax! Every other person there is wrestling with the same uncertainties and nerves.

Relax. You know that you have great skills if you perform to the best of your abilities. Keep that in mind and take a deep breath. Remember, nerves have an uncanny ability to cause mistakes. Coaches will take that into consideration, but do your best to keep those butterflies in your stomach still! Now go out and give it your best effort.

Be positive. No matter what happens during tryouts, maintain a positive attitude and disposition. If you make a mistake, ask the coach for advice. Analyze the play and see what you can do to make sure that the mistake isn't repeated. Everyone makes mistakes. However, players that shake it off and keep working hard show a maturity and sportsmanship that is admired by everyone.

Work with the other players. Soccer is a game that requires teamwork. Don't be so busy showing off your own skill that you forget that there are other players on the field. No one likes a ball hog. Use your ability to work with your teammates. If your teammate has a better shot, pass the ball. This shows smart playing. After all, you're all after the same goal!

Get in shape. If you can show your coach that you've been working hard on your own time, it will reflect well in tryouts. Coaches are looking for kids that are dedicated enough to stay in shape. Plus, it doesn't hurt to be the first one to finish a fitness test!

Bring on the moves. Your coach will be impressed with your new ball-handling tricks. Don't be afraid to show them off. Remember, soccer is a game of both skill and smarts. If you can show the coach that you know the game, recognize the strategy, and can play intelligently, the lasting impression is sure to be a positive one.

Get enough sleep. We all know that an early bedtime is for younger kids, but if you want to succeed in the tryouts, you need to be on top of your game. Get plenty of sleep the night before tryouts to ensure that you're well rested and ready to play a good game of soccer. A good night's sleep will keep you alert, energized, and positive throughout the tryouts.

Be a good listener. Coaches want players that can listen and learn. Listen closely when your coach gives you instruction. He or she may be testing your ability to understand simple instructions.

Be prompt. Coaches like players who arrive on time and ready to play. Don't show up right when tryouts start and begin getting ready. If you need the time to put on your shin guards and shoes, arrive early. Also, this will give you some extra time to warm up and calm your nerves.

Be willing to try new things. If the coach asks you to try a drill you've never done, let alone never heard of, be open and willing to try it. If you don't understand, ask questions. A coach is there to help you learn and improve. Be willing to try a new move, or a new shot on the goal. You may even find that you like it!

Be health-conscious. Make sure that you eat a nutritious meal a few hours before the tryouts, and bring lots of water. You'll need the water to stay hydrated and alert.

Come prepared. Make a checklist the day before tryouts detailing everything you need to bring. Socks, shoes, shin guards, water, a special shirt, shorts, etc. Check it off right before you leave for the tryouts. Coming prepared makes a good impression on any coach.

Be friendly. Part of what makes a great team is how everyone works together. Be nice to the other players, get to know them, and help out when asked. Coaches appreciate players with a positive attitude who are friendly with each other. If you don't know all of the other players, introduce yourself. Strike up a conversation. You can always ask the person where she's from, what position she plays, or if she's nervous, too! You may find that you've got a new friend.

Have fun! You're trying out for the team because you love soccer. Going to tryouts shouldn't be a chore. Rather, it allots you a couple of hours to have some fun playing a game that you enjoy. Coaches like a player that has a love of the game. This indicates a willingness to learn and succeed.

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