Favorite Foods

Some of a shark's favorite foods are seals, swordfish, sting-rays, dolphins, and, as we've mentioned before, other sharks. What are your favorite foods? At your next family reunion, picnic, or at mealtime at home, take a poll of what your family's favorite foods are. You might be surprised at the answers.

One way to learn your family's likes and dislikes might be to help them plan a few menus. Then you can help shop for the groceries or share in the fun of making a meal using your new menu ideas.

Which One?

You might expect me to come out at night. Or maybe you think I am famous. Either way I usually have a point to make. Do you know which one I am?

  • Lantern fish

  • Starfish

  • Lamprey

  • Flame tetra


Open Wide!

Do you or any member of your family have what might be described as a mouth of enormous size? One way to check this out is to make triple-decker sandwiches. There is no limit to what can go into these sandwiches. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with three slices of any type of bread.

  2. Ask people if they want their bread toasted.

  3. Provide them with a variety of sandwich meats like ham, turkey, chicken, or beef.

  4. Most people like cheese, so give them a variety to choose from.

  5. Be really daring and offer sardines or anchovies.

  6. Then it's time for them to pile on the vegetables and dressing.

What you may find out is that, like the shark, you would need jaws that aren't fastened to your skull to fit a meal that big into your mouth. Sharks' teeth act sort of like a jack-in-the-box; when a shark opens its mouth, its teeth leap out at whatever the shark is trying to bite. The jaws can stretch very far apart so it can take a really big bite!

Words to Know


When the last of any creature dies, that type of creature becomes extinct. To prevent some animals or fish from possible extinction, we have started putting a few of them in preserves, aquariums, protected waters, or zoos.

Most of the time a shark will sniff its food before it eats it. Do you ever do that? You would think with all that sniffing, a shark would know the difference between a man, a seal, or a fish. But when it is chasing all those other fish right below the surface of the water, it might go into one of those feeding frenzies and eat anything that it sees! Sharks have been known to taste people and then spit them back out again once they realize what they are eating.

The Biggest Party of Them All

Once you've tried your hand in the kitchen, how about hosting an enormous or "Really Big" Party. All you need is a few friends to invite. Ask them to wear something that is really big, like a huge hat or shirt, or to bring something big with them. Why don't you and your friends make a gigantic pizza that looks like an open shark's mouth? Its teeth could be triangles of cheese and the tonsils or tongue could be pieces of pepperoni or ham. If you roll the crust in front of the tongue, you can make the edge of the shark's mouth. How about making a really big root beer float for everyone to enjoy with the pizza?

What am I?

You might know who I am if you ever "saw" my nose. You may have a tool that looks like me in your toolbox or garage. I am one of the sharpest sharks around. What am I?


Don't forget to hold a "biggest" contest to see who can take the biggest step or who can make the biggest tower out of cards. Have a competition for the one who brought the biggest thing with them, or you can hold a really big shoe relay. Here's what you need to play this game:

    Fun Fact

    Sharks Ahoy!

    One reason there have been so many shark sightings reported over the years by fishermen and pirates is because sharks like to follow boats or ships and wait for the food scraps that are sometimes thrown overboard.

  • Ask if you can borrow a few pairs of shoes from the adults in your house.

  • Draw names for each team, and have each team make two lines facing each other.

  • The first person from each line has to put on a pair of the really big shoes.

  • The person then walks backwards as fast as possible over to his teammates on the other side.

  • When the person reaches the other side, she takes the shoes off and hands them to the next person.

  • Both lines keep going until all the players on one of the teams finish their turns.

Prizes for the winning team could be giant-sized candy bars. The prize for the second place team could be regular-sized ones. Hopefully you will chew your candy bar before you swallow it -- not like the sharks, which prefer to swallow their food whole.

Mixed Messages

Some beaches post signs to warn people that swimming could be dangerous. At this beach, a sneaky shark has moved the letters of the warning sign to make it more to his liking! See if you can put the mixed-up letters back on the dotted lines where they belong.

HINT: Each out-of-place letter, or pair of letters, is used only once on the correct sign.

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