Math Class

Look at the fraction below each blank. Pick the shape that shows that fraction, using these rules:

• The white part of each shape is empty.

• The shaded part of each shape is full.

Write the letter of that shape on the line. When you are finished, you will have the answer to this riddle:

Words to Know


A type of test or challenge sometimes used to confuse someone. Often puzzles are used for learning in school settings, such as language or math lessons. Other types of puzzles are actually objects or games.

In Mrs. Sharpe's class, each student has 1 writing instrument, either a pen or a pencil. If there are 21 students in her class and 1/3 use a pen, how many pencils are there in class?

As Elizabeth wrote the date on her paper, she realized it read 04-04-04. All three numbers were the same! How many more years can this happen in a row?

What did the paper say to the scissors when they kept poking him?

Cut it out!

What did the numbers call the new room in their house?

Their addition.

Why do rabbits do so well in school?

They like to multiply.

What do you get when you put 2 500-pound elephants on a teeter-totter?

A broken teeter-totter!

Why did everyone think their teacher was so special?

She had a lot of “class.”

What do you call numerals that don't feel anything?


Why didn't the pencil do well on his test?

He wasn't very sharp.

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