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Begin by writing as many answers as you can under the clues. Then, enter each letter into its numbered box in the answer grid (one has been done for you). Continue working back and forth between the clues and the grid. When you are finished, you will have the answer to the following riddle:

On the playground, Travis sees an amazing swing set with 20 swings. While he watches his friends swing, he realizes that as the first swing swings forward, the second one swings back, the third one swings forward, and so on. Which way is the eleventh one swinging?

For Erin's birthday, her mother brought cookies to school. Erin's class has 17 students and 1 teacher, but 3 children were sick that day and 1 went to the dentist. If her mother brought 30 cookies, how many cookies did everyone receive?

It's my job to ask the puzzling questions, and it's the contestant's job to pick the right answers and win the million dollars. Sometimes, the contestant chooses to phone a friend. Who am I?

Try This: Writing Riddles and Brain Teasers

You can write brain teasers and riddles backward, by taking the punchline, or answer, and adding a question to the beginning of it. For example, using the phrase “This is the pits!” you can add the question, “What did one cherry say to the other when he knew it was the end?”

Shelby has a box of 32 crayons. All of her friends have boxes of 8 crayons. If she shares her crayons so that she and all 5 of her friends have an equal number of colors, how many crayons will she give to each of her friends?

Ian likes math class. One day the teacher asks him if he can think of any way that 1 + 1 could equal 1. Ian was stumped. But in a few minutes, he could think of several ways. Can you think of any?

What did one test say to the other?

My life is an open book.

Why did the capital letters have to stay away from the lowercase letters?

They couldn't see “I” to “i” (eye to eye).

How did the playground win the ball game?

The swing swung and the slide slid into home!

What does the alphabet do at the end of the day?

Catch a few more ZZZZZ's.

How did the tooth fairy do in school?

Fairy well.

Why did the fish have to leave school?

He was feeling “eel.”

For Robbie's class party, the students played musical chairs. Each time the music stopped, Robbie moved over 3 chairs. There were 27 chairs in the circle. How many times did the music stop before Robbie was back in his own seat?

Fun Fact: We're Brainiacs

Our brains are made up of billions of cells. And although our brains are a larger part of our bodies compared to most other animals, size has little to do with intelligence. Studies have proven that someone with a small brain can actually be smarter than someone with a larger brain.

Each year Mrs. Jones's students bring her apples for the first day of class. Mrs. Jones likes to take the apples home and make pies out of them. If everyone in her class of 21 brings her an apple and it takes 7 apples to make a pie, how many pies can she make?

What's the difference between 124 and 12?

When Bill added 5 and 5 together, his answer was an X. How can that be?

The monkey bars at Bobby's school have 11 bars. If Bobby starts with his right hand on the very first bar, and he skips every other bar as he swings across, while he is changing hands with every other swing, which of his hands will end up on bar 11? Which one will end up on bar 5?

I was one of the first doctors who started to understand the role of the brain in thinking. The Hippocratic Oath was named after me. Who am I?

Did the math teacher know he would win the annual math contest?

He was counting on it.

Why was the calendar so scared?

His days were numbered.

What kind of school isn't in the front and isn't in the back?

A middle school.

What school did Sherlock Holmes attend?

Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary.

Where do teachers grow their flowers?

In the kinder-gardens.

Why did the computer teacher leave a trap in his room?

Because of the mouse problem.

The most exciting day at Greenfield School was the day that the magician came. Everyone could hardly wait for the amazing “pulling the rabbit out of the hat” trick. At the beginning of the show, Merlin the Mystifying placed the rabbit in the hat. At the end of the show, even Merlin was amazed. Not only did he pull 1 rabbit out of his hat — he pulled out 6 more! How could that be?

Try This

Do You Know Your ZYX's?

Can you say the alphabet backward? Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, and A. How about an extra added twist? This time, try it while you are listening to music or TV at the same time. Concentration or the lack of it can affect how well we think and learn.

Beth has an unusual talent. She can walk backward for miles. Some days she even walks to school backward. If it takes her longer to get there, how much farther is it to school?

What would happen if you 8 and 8?

Fun Fact

A Secret Message Did you know that before we discovered how funny and silly riddles are, people were actually using them to deliver secret messages? It was also believed that only very bright people would understand the messages or would be able to think of the answers.

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