Puzzle Answers

Bad Band

A Sloppy Subject

Math Class

Loop the Zoo!

Say What?

Feel Better

Funny Flight

Where in the World?

The Hungry Traveler

Frightened Food

Good Home Cookin'

Second Helping

Comic Contest

  • baseball cap, weather balloons, sweat-R (sweater), pet sheepdog

  • stocking cap, pet hot dog, blue (sad) jeans, pair of slippers (otherwise known as banana peels)

  • top hat, T-shirt, pet watchdog

  • THE WINNER! ski hat, rain coat, seeing i (eye) dog, bellbottom pants, elevator shoes

Silly Sally

Silly Sally like things that have double letters! Look at the picture of Silly Sally and you will see a balloon, a butterfly, glasses, earrings, mittens, buttons, a dress (covered with loops), boots, and a poodle!

Silly Slogans

Cross Plumber

Why Did the Lion…

Hinky Pinkies

Half a House?

Which Window?

Fun House

Night Games


Balls of Fun

Big Brothers

Starting in the lower righthand corner, going up, then spiraling around: The Woods have six children, five boys and one girl. Any one of the boys will have four brothers, while the girl will have five brothers.

The Family Name Game

Watch Out!

Hidden Family

  • We had fun cleaning the garage!

  • The leprechaun told me where to find a pot of gold!

  • The music was so raucous, I needed to cover my ears!

  • Under the sofa there are many dustballs.

  • Did you read the same memo the rest of us read?

  • During a crisis, terrific people often show up to help!

  • The chicken broth erased the last symptoms of Brian's cold.

  • My friend in L.A. was happy to have me visit her!

Lost Letters

Help and As Different as Knight and Day

Boo Hoo!

Goofy Gardener

Get to the Point!

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