Hinky Pinkies

The answer to each Hinky Pinky riddle is two rhyming words of two syllables each. Write the answers into the numbered grid.

What do you get when you cross…

  • …a sticky candy with a hot breakfast drink?

  • …a comic book action hero with a detective?

  • …a lawyer with a large bird of prey?

  • …a South American pack animal with a serious play?

  • …a baby cat with a winter handwarmer?

  • …a comedian with a rabbit?

  • …a werewolf with Tinkerbell?

  • …a molecule with a violin?

  • …a tired person with a pointy tent?

  • …a king with a small hunting dog?

  • …a mad scientist with a white and yellow flower?

  • …a large tropical bird with an orange vegetable?

  • …a hot pepper with a boy named William?

  • …a field of daisies with a generator?

  • …a reptile with a magical man?

EXTRA FUN: When you're finished, read down the shaded column to find the answer to one more Hinky Pinky:

What do you get when you cross a monster with someone who works at your school?

Which pair of the following words, crossed exactly in the middle like a crossword, will join at the same letter? Party, money, stand, brunt, flash, salad.

Crossing what two things creates a lot of foam and so may be used to simulate a volcano?

Mr. Wilson pulls up to a pedestrian crossing, but no one is there. Can he go on? The answer is no! Why? Hint: Is there something else that is stopping him?

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