Opposites Crossword

Figure out the answers to the questions below and fill them into the numbered crossword grid. All the answers will be the opposite of the clues. Bad Curse! (Oops, that should be “Good Luck!”)


1. Opposite of friend

3. Opposite of bottom

6. Opposite of frown

7. Opposite of dry

9. Opposite of E.A.T. (Estimated Arrival Time) HINT: If the question is an acronym or abbreviation, the answer will be an acronym or abbreviation, too.

10. Opposite of happy

12. Opposite of disarm (take away weapons)

14. Opposite of unusual

15. Opposite of getting up is going to _ _ _

16. Opposite of followed HINT: Remember, if the clue is in the past tense, the answer must be in the past tense, too.


1. Opposite of many

2. Suffix that means the opposite of the least. HINT: If something is the opposite of the least tall, it is the tall _ _ _

3. Opposite of untie

4. Opposite of younger

5. Opposite of an animal that is wild

8. Opposite of write down

10. A prefix that is the opposite of over HINT: A “_ _ _ marine” goes under the water.

11. Opposite of a thing that works correctly

12. Opposite of none

13. Opposite of not angry

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