Tied in Knots

Tying knots is one of the oldest human skills. Knots were used to make traps, fish nets, tools, tents, and even clothes. Knots helped early people survive! Later in history, knots became particularly important to sailors who worked on tall ships with miles of rope used to control the enormous sails. These men knew and used hundreds of different knots, each one with a specific purpose. Knots have also been used as counting and navigation tools, magic charms, and decoration. Last but not least, how would we tie our shoelaces without knots?

Macramé (MACK-ra-may) is a fun craft where many knots are tied in decorative patterns. But these two macramé artists seem to be a bit confused! Who has the rope connected to the bead?

NOTE: You do not follow the path over and under in this maze! Simply stay on the path, and don't cross the dark blue lines.

That's A-Maze-Ing!

There are over 2,000 different kinds of knots! How would you like to tie a “Cowboy's Pretzel,” a “Monkey's Fist,” or a “Chinese Butterfly”?

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