Let's Play Sports

What's So Funny?

Keep Pedaling!

Lance Pedlin is a famous biker who can pedal for hours on his bike. One day, he got on and started pedaling, and he kept going and going, but when he was done, he was still where he started. What's so funny?

He was on his exercise bike

What happens when a clumsy football player plays ball? Afield trip.

Why did the racecar driver jump into the pool? He wanted to put in afew laps.

Why did the golfer have to buy new shoes? He had a “hole in one.”

What did the high diver wear to his wedding? A“swim” suit.

What does Dracula take with him when he goes to a ball game? His bat.

What do dolphins wear to the beach? Swim fins.

Words to Know

Sense: The ability to see, smell, hear, touch, and taste all of the things that you come in contact with are made possible by your 5 senses. Your brain relies on the senses to perceive the outside world.


It's Not Funny to Me!

No two people have exactly the same sense of humor. If you want to see this for yourself, you can conduct a little experiment. Find yourself 5 jokes and 5 volunteers. Read each joke separately to your volunteers, then write down who laughed at which ones. When you are done, you can chart your results and compare them. What did you discover?

If there are 9 players on a baseball team and 11 players on a football team, how many swimmers are there on the swim team?

Any number — swim teams vary in number of teammates

The mountain climbers had almost reached the top of the cliff when their rope began to fray. For each inch they moved, 2 strands would break. The climbers had 49 inches to go, with a 100-ply rope. Will they make it?


When is 8 not twice as much as 4?

When you're trying on shoes

Amanda is an excellent swimmer. She can hold her breath for 2 minutes. She can also swim 300 yards in half an hour. So, can Amanda swim 25 yards without coming up for air?

No, she would only be able to go 20 yards

What did one twine say to the other right before he fell into a hole? JUMP, ROPE!

Why did the tennis players get into so much trouble? They were making alot of “racket.”

Where do basketball players settle their arguments? In “court.”

How do swimmers get where they are going? In car “pools.”

What sport did Little Red Riding Hood play best? “Basket” ball.

What sport is after “nine”? Ten-nis.

Night Games

Start with the number 1 and connect all the dots in order.

What sports item hangs upside down from its toes? Abaseball “bat.”

What sport makes a lot of people “jumpy”? Trampolining.

What is a baseball player's favorite part of the playground? The slide.

What do catchers wear when it gets cold out? Their gloves.

What did the photographer say to the badminton rackets? Watch the birdie!

What kind of shoes do woodpeckers dance in? Tap shoes.

What's am I?

I am the one who helped “Little Red” solve the riddle of my identity, by showing her what big teeth I have. Who am I?

The Wolf



Did you know that there is a part of you that is very aware of what is going on around you all the time? It is called your conscience. Your conscious mind remembers and can recall different things that have happened to you.

If the pitching machine at Sports World shoots out 1 ball every 10 seconds while you are trying to hit it, how long will it take to empty the machine of its 90 balls?

15 minutes

John works in sports every day, yet he never goes home sore or tired or sweaty. How can this be?

He's the score keeper

Do you see a pattern here? Number of catchers on a baseball team, number of teams in a game, number of strikes before an out, number of bases in a diamond.

1, 2, 3, 4

Where do bad gymnasts go? Behind parallel bars!

How did the archer get to the contest? He followed the arrows.

Why do athletes need so much money? Because of the “tro-fees.”

How do monarchs swim? They do the butterfly stroke.

What is a washing machine's favorite pastime? Cycling.

What did the desperate golfer eat? His sand-wedge.


Overcoming Any Obstacle

Have you ever made a silly object obstacle course? You and your friends will have fun trying to see who can complete the course the fastest. Your course can include writing the first letter of your name in a plate of whipped cream, walking 20 steps with a tennis ball between your knees, and popping a balloon by sitting on it, as well as any other silly things you can think of. And the winner of the silly course gets a silly prize!

When Eve ran track she was covered in sweat, yet by the time she was ready to go home, her skin was dry. Why?

The sweat evaporated

When the school rowing team left the dock, they paddled for 15 minutes, then turned around. Ten minutes later they returned. How come it took them 5 minutes less to come back?

The wind was against them going out and with them coming back


Fill in the answers to the clues, putting one letter in each numbered space. Then transfer the letters to the boxes that have the same numbers. When all the boxes are filled in correctly, you will have the answer to the riddle!

When Tina the tennis pro returned all of the balls that came to her, none came back to her. Why?

She wasn't playing with another person — she was using a ball machine

When Skip brought his new track shoes home, he realized the store clerk had put the wrong laces in the box. These laces were only half as long as they needed to be. What did Skip do?

He skipped every other hole when he laced them

Which one of these does not belong? Helmet, goalie, touchdown, quarterback.

Goalie — the rest relate to football

What's am I?

Most people know me for my experiments with a dog and a bell. I trained my dog to be hungry each time I rang the bell. I liked to study the brain and people's reflexes. Who am I?

Ivan Pavlov



Your conscious mind is composed of all that you remember and have knowledge of. But there is another part of your mind, called your subconscious. The subconscious may store information without your remembering it.

When Kyle fell out of the boat, everyone waited for his return. After 20 When minutes, he still did not come up for air. Why?

He was scuba diving

“I dive but use no water, I fly but have no wings, I land but have no wheels.” Who is it?

A skydiver

Balls of Fun

There are many sports that have their own special ball to use. Can you unscramble the names of ten of these sports? When you're finished, find your way through the maze of balls!

EXTRA FUN: Can you think of 10 more sports that use balls?

What do these words have in common? Hole, hazard, slice, wood.

They are all golf terms

What do these things have in common? Diamond, slide, innings, umpire.

They are all baseball terms

In what sport are you doing better as your score is getting lower?



Test Your Reading Skills

You know how to read, but can you read upside down? Don't worry, you don't have to be hanging upside down. Just flip the book upside down and see if you can keep reading. Is it easy or difficult? As you may discover, it's not easy! But, who knows, you may actually be able to read faster upside down than right side up!

Words to Know

IQ: IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a measure of one's ability to think. An IQ test allows people to measure genius as well as normal thinking ability.

What did the mountain climber tell her stinky boots to do? Take ahike!

Where do all the sports shirts come from? Jersey.

What did the hockey player ask the puck right before the game? Want to “stick” around for awhile?

Why don't rockets play football? They prefer liftoffs to touchdowns.

What is a dish's favorite pastime? “Bowl-ing.”

What did one sports shoe say to the other? Nothing, they were tongue-tied.

What comes after a ball? Bball.

What do baby basketballs do? Dribble.

What sport hurts the most? Paddleball.

What was Jack and Jill's best sporting event? Downhill racing.

Where do 4 woods hang out? At agolf “club.”

What is a fly swatter's favorite sport? Squash

First base ball game day. What should come next?

Day off, Firstbase, baseball, ballgame, gameday, dayoff!

“I have a tongue, but cannot speak.

I have a toe, but have no feet.”What is it?

A shoe

What's am I?

When Belle tried to solve the mystery of her missing father, she found a new mystery in me. She was a beauty, and she transformed me into a beautiful person as well. Who am I?

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

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