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Conundrum: A conundrum is a riddle that has a pun (or something with two different meanings) for the answer. Here's an example: Why was the letter B in a boat? He was going out to C. But there's another meaning to “conundrum” — it could also be a dilemma or a problem that cannot be solved.

When is a riddle not a riddle? When you put a “G” in front of it (griddle).

What do you call really scared pasta? Chicken noodles.

What can rise without ever sleeping? Bread.

If your dog's down, what's your cat? Catsup.

Why did the coffee cup go down to the police station? To report that he had been mugged.

How did the police officers help him? They showed him several mug shots.

What's the next word? Dirt, worm, bird, .

Cat (it's a food chain)

Once upon a time, a little girl dressed in blue went to her grandmother's Swiss cottage. Why?

She was hungry for some cheese

When Sara invited some friends over to watch a movie, her parents decided to order pizza for all of them. When the delivery came, there were 2 large pizzas and 1 small one. If a large pizza serves 8 people and a small pizza serves 4, how many friends were at Sara's house?

7 friends (20 servings minus 3 for Sara and her parents)



Your IQ or Intelligence Quotient is arrived at by measuring your chronological age with your mental age. The average score is around 100. The score of a genius will average around 40 to 50 points higher.


Writing on the Wall

Over time researchers have found that no two people have the same handwriting, just like no two people have the same fingerprints. If you study a few samples of other people's handwriting, you may also discover that handwriting can sometimes reveal personality traits. For example, those who separate their letters may be artistic and independent, while those whose letters are very close together might enjoy some company.

When there was a knock at the door, a man who could not see and could not hear somehow knew that someone had left him apple pie outside. How did he know?

He could smell it

Jill left a solid object on the floor of her room for 3 hours. In those 3 hours, no one had touched it, and yet it completely disappeared on its own. What was the object?

A nice cube

What do you call a giggling field of corn? Laughing stalks.

What does Count Dracula use to cut his food? A“stake” knife.

What kind of food is sick all the time? Wheat germ.

When 2 eggs were placed in a blender, the first egg asked, “What's going on here?” What did the second egg say? “Beats me.”

How does bread get up in the morning? It rises.

Why do melons rarely marry? They “cantaloupe” (can't elope).

Cucumbers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and peas — which one doesn't belong?

Tomatoes, because they are fruit

One day Katherine decided to make a picture out of food, just for fun. First she used strawberries, then oranges, then lemons, then kiwis, then blueberries, and then another fruit. What did she use last and why?

Purple grapes — she was making a fruity rainbow


Let's Play Charades

One sure way to get everyone laughing is to start up a game of charades. The next time you get together with family or friends, try acting out one of these: Fun house mirrors, riding a roller-coaster, buying new shoes, shopping for groceries, and running a race. Can you think of any other fun charades?

What do trees eat their ice cream out of? Pinecones.

Why did the knife cross the road? Because there was a fork in it.

What do you call a little potato? Small fry.

What do you get when a bunch of grapes tries to cross a highway? A traffic jam.

How does a cucumber know when it's in trouble? It's in a pickle.

What drink always comes to your rescue? Lemon-aide.

What type of food can contain all of the food groups?


Frosting, platter, candles, and sprinkles — what's missing?

Birthday cake

Frightened Food

Use a colored marker to highlight each of the 30 foods stuffed into this letter grid. The words can go sideways, up and down, diagonal, and even backward! After you have found them all, collect the unused letters from TOP to BOTTOM and LEFT to RIGHT, and write them in order on the blank spaces provided. When you're finished, you'll have the answer to this riddle:

EXTRA FUN: Use three different colors of highlight markers to show your answers!


Every night when Pop came home, as he opened his door a light came on, and as he closed it, the light went off. Why?

Popwasa soda, and his home was the refrigerator!

What's going on here?

Cup Plate

Fork Knife

Spoon Napkin

Glass Saucer

The second word in each pair begins with the same letter as the last letter of the first word

Daniel took a piece of bread, and on top of that he placed a slice of tomato. Next, he added a piece of lettuce, a slice of meat, and a piece of cheese. Do you know what he made?

A food pyramid

Good Home Cookin'

Start at the letter marked with a dot. As you spiral into the center of the shell, collect every other letter. Write them in order on the lines below. When you reach the middle, head back out again, collecting all the letters that you skipped over the first time. Write these letters in order on the lines. When you are finished, you will have the answer to this riddle:

What's So Funny?

When Chelsea ordered a cheese-burger at Burgers-R-Us, she waited patiently while Calvin carefully added the pickles, onion, cheese, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and tomato. Just as she was about to take a bite, Calvin yelled, “Wait a minute!” What's so funny?

Heleftthe burgerout!

What's a pig's favorite way to cook? Bakin' (bacon).

What did the potato call his son? Chip.

What does a hog do in the sun? Roast.

What do mugs build their homes out of? “Cup boards.”

Why were the cups and the forks all alone? Because the dish ran away with the spoon.

What did the syrup call her sweetheart? Honey.

In cooking class the teacher asked for volunteers. Each volunteer had to answer a question. When it was Amy's turn, the teacher asked her what the difference was between freezing and boiling. Amy used the examples of ice cubes and hot cocoa. Although her teacher thought those were good examples, it wasn't the answer she was looking for. Do you know the answer?

180 degrees

When Ben and his father went to the grocery store, his father asked him if he could find 4 foods in the store that had holes in them but that were still whole. Ben found more than 4. How many can you think of?

Doughnuts, macaroni, bagels, olives, crackers, and Swiss cheese are just a few possible answers

What's am I?

“To be or not to be” is my hint of who I am. I could also mention Romeo and Juliet. I am well known for my plays as well as my poems. Who am I?

William Shakespeare

Second Helping

Place each of the seven-letter words into the boxes in alphabetical order, starting with the top row and working your way to the bottom.

When you're finished, read down the third column to get the answer to this riddle:

What food tastes better before it is cooked?

For a second helping of laughs, read down the fourth column to get the answer to this riddle:

What did the teddy bear say after eating a really big meal?

When Ozzy and his friend Owen went to tour their local greenhouse, the florist had a mystery for them to solve. “When is a flower not a flower?” the florist asked. Do you know the answer?

When it's flour

What is a liquid outside your fridge and a solid inside your fridge?

Flavored gelatin


Now I See It, Now You Don't

The way the brain sees things is not always the same from one person to the next. Some people don't see color the same way as others. One way to check for color blindness is to find 4 socks, each one with a different shade of green. Can you tell the difference between the 4 colors? People who are color-blind cannot see the minor differences in the color.

What do comic book characters like to eat? Superhero sandwiches.

What did the other groceries say when the sausage brought the salami to the party? Well, he's bratwurst (brought worse).

Why were the windows “shuttering”? Because they heard the homeowners say it was “curtains” for them!

What do you call a naughty glove? Abad mitten.

When the builder had to climb onto the roof, did he pick the first thing he saw (the scaffolding) or the second thing? He chose the ladder (latter).

What do cherubs serve at their parties? Angel food cake.

Who's going to make the salad? Let us (lettuce)!

What bear can grow 10 times its own size overnight? Agummy bear in water.

Why wouldn't the apple join the other fruits in the salad? She didn't find it as a-peeling.

Did you hear that the ice cream parlor closed? Yeah, Iheard that the sundaes wouldn't work on weekdays, the ice cream bars went nuts, and the bananas split.



The study of the shape of your head is called phrenology. For years people thought the way that your head was shaped determined your talents, gifts, or traits. Luckily, this notion was eventually disproved.

When Ed's mother called out, “Ed, supper is ready!” 4 people came. Who were they?

Four generations of Eds — Ed I, Ed II, Ed III, and Ed IV

It goes in fast, but comes out slow — and yet, the amount is the same. What can this be?

A funnel

Every day a strange man walked past several grapevines growing on a fence. One very hot day the owner asked the strange man what he had done with his grapes. “I did not take your grapes,” replied the strange man, “I am innocent!” The strange man was telling the truth, yet the grapes were gone. Can you solve the mystery?

The owner's grapes had turned to raisinsin the hot sun

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