What's a phony serpent? A fake snake.

What do you call a chubby dog? A round hound.

What's a big dance in a cemetery? A grave rave.

What's a purple gorilla? A grape ape.

What do phantoms eat for breakfast? Ghost toast.

What's a frightening pet bird? A scary canary.

What's a glove for a small cat? A kitten mitten.

What's a happy-go-lucky Thanksgiving bird? A perky turkey.

What do you call a frog whose car broke down? A towed toad.

Hink Pink Kriss Kross

The answers to these Hink Pinks are two rhyming words of one syllable each. Fill each answer into the numbered Kriss Kross grid. Surprise — you've got one done!


3 happy boy

4 a fruity drink at noon

6 a cooking vessel that's not cool

8 a counterfeit reptile

10 a musical piece that's not short

11 home of a small rodent

12 large amount of fake hair

13 enjoyable joke that makes you groan


1 a sick dollar

2 football players yelling together

3 great group of marching musicians

5 a chilly place to swim

7 skinny female monarch

9 large branch

Who works at a school for monsters? A creature teacher.

What do you call a tired tent? A sleepy teepee.

Who's the spooky leader of a church? A sinister minister.

What's do you call a magician who works with reptiles? A lizard wizard.

What's a fish who works in the operating room? A sturgeon surgeon.

What do you call your crazy best friend? A nutty buddy.

What do you call your pet pooch that got caught in the rain? A soggy doggy.

What do you call a parent with six crying babies? A diaper wiper!

What do you call Her Royal Highness's denim pants? The Queen's jeans.

What do you call that dumb little guy who flies around and shoots arrows on Valentine's Day? Stupid Cupid.

What's reddish yellow and helps a door swing back and forth? An orange door hinge.

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