Famous Horses

Have you ever heard of a nebula? It's a group of stars in the sky and one of them is called the Horsehead nebula because of its unusual shape! You might be wondering, “How do ordinary horses become famous?” They can win horse races or have children that do and then their name is listed in racing books forever or they might have someone make a movie about them like Seabiscuit. Pegasus is a winged horse from Greek mythology that has a horse-shaped constellation named after him. A horse can become famous by being the star in a movie like My Friend Flicka or become a star's best friend like Gene Autry's horse, Champion. Maybe you have seen the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota. This statue, made out of a mountaintop, is really named after its rider more than the horse!

Sometimes horses are famous just because they survived: Comanche is well-known because he was the only animal that was found alive after Custer's Last Stand (which was also known as the Battle of Little Big Horn). Famous horses have also appeared in comic books, coloring books, and cartoons.

If you like collecting things you could start a collection box of horse items like coloring books, souvenirs of famous horses, or places you visit.

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