Dress Him Up

Fill in each blank using the clues. Then, read the description of each item and draw it onto the boy. When you're finished, what is his costume?

  • A __________ around his head.

  • large, square scarf that's often red

  • A __________ on one shoulder.

  • large, green bird that can talk

  • Instead of one hand, he has a __________ it's on the end of a fishing line

  • A big hoop __________ in one ear.

  • jewelry for the ear

  • A black __________ over one eye.

  • it covers a hole in your jeans

  • A big, black __________

  • hair that grows under a man's nose

  • Pair of tall, black __________

  • rubber foot covers you wear in the rain

  • A long, thin __________ on his face.

  • mark on the skin after a cut

  • A long __________ hangs from his belt.

  • weapon with a flat, metal blade

  • Long, black, stringy __________

  • it grows on top of your head

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