The Lost Sheep

1. Why were the Pharisees angry with Jesus?

2. How did Jesus teach the sinners?

a. He preached long sermons

b. He wrote on scrolls

c. He told them parables

d. He assigned readings to them

3. What did Jesus say about the shepherd who lost one sheep out of a flock of 100?

4. Jesus spoke of a woman who was missing only one of her coins. How did she feel when she found it?

a. Safe

c. Happy

b. Rich

d. Confused

5. In the parable of the father and son, what did the son ask of his father?

6. What happened to the son?

a. He took the wealth

b. He spent it all in another country

c. He grew hungry

d. All of the above

7. Why did he decide to return home?

8. How did his father feel?

a. Happy to see him

b. Disappointed

c. Angry

d. Annoyed

9. What did the father want to do for his son?

a. Be happy

b. Have a feast

c. Have a dance

d. All of the above

10. How did the eldest son feel when he heard that his father was so glad to see his brother?

11. What did the eldest son ask his father about his brother?


Ancient Writings Recovered

Want to impress your friends with an ancient-looking scroll? If you don't have one lying around, why not make one? All you need to do is write something (for instance, your own life story) on a long piece of paper, roll it up, and tie it with a fancy ribbon or string. Then, to make it look old, dip the edges in strong tea and let it dry on paper towels.

Jesus wants all the children and adults to be long to God's Kingdom. — Luke 18:15–31

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