Jesus and the Little Children

Who Am I?

Somehow I am always first. I was the first man to arrive in the Garden and the first to leave. I was the first husband and the first man to have a son. Who am I?

What did Jesus have in common with the fish that swallowed Jonah?

Jesus had dinner with a sinner, and the fish had a sinner for dinner!

1. When the people brought their babies for Jesus to touch, what did his disciples tell them?

a. Not to go near him

b. To wait

c. To return another time

d. To go away and never come back

2. Why did Jesus tell them to let the children come to him?

3. What did he say would happen if the people did not receive the Kingdom as a child?

4. Why did Jesus tell the rich ruler that he was not the “Good teacher”?

5. What did the ruler ask of Jesus?

a. Wealth

b. Friends

c. Eternal life

d. To be cured of leprosy

6. Did the ruler know the commandments?

a. He did not know them

b. He did not believe them

c. He did know them but did not keep them

d. He had kept them all of his life

7. What did Jesus tell the ruler he needed to do?

8. How did the ruler look when Jesus told him to give his wealth away?

a. Sad

b. Worried

c. Brave

d. Unworried

9. In what way did Jesus explain to the ruler how hard it would be?

10. What did Peter remind Jesus that the disciples had done?

11. Those who choose the Kingdom of God would receive what?

12. What did Jesus say would happen once they reached Jerusalem?

Jesus proves his power to his disciples. — Jo hn 1:51–2:11

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