God's Saving Grace

Who Am I?

I have several different names I can go by. To figure out who I am is not so easy — I can change form. I am a fallen angel, and my name means “adversary.” You may have heard me called the devil. Who am I?

sanctuary: A peaceful place used for worship or safety. Tabernacles, churches, temples, and sanctuaries all have been used as holy places where people could gather together to be near God.

1. When Paul spoke to the Romans, what did he say about the Spirit?

2. What does Paul say this means?

3. When a person suffers with Christ, what happens?

4. Why does Paul feel the suffering is worthwhile?

5. According to Paul, by what means are we saved?

a. By hope

b. By faith

c. By charity

d. All of the above

6. What did Paul ask the people to have?

7. What will happen when everyone loves God?

8. According to Paul, who is for us even when others are against us?

a. The prophets

b. The king

c. God

d. Paul

9. How did God show He was willing to give up everything for us?

10. Where does Paul say that Christ is sitting?

a. Below the feet of God

b. On the right hand of God

c. On the left hand of God

d. Above God

11. What could possibly separate us from the love of Christ?

a. Persecution

b. Famine

c. The sword

d. All of the above

12. Even if sorrows come, what will happen?

Peter tells of ways to prepare for the day of judgment. — 2 Peter 3:1–15

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